IIM A, B, C Or Nothing! How I Pursued My Dreams And Got Into IIM Bangalore

For me, the equation was simple – IIM ABC or nothing. I wrote CAT 2017 with the sole purpose to join one of the top 3- IIMs (The ABC of Indian B-schools). Far from getting into the holy trinity, I didn’t even get shortlisted by a single one of them. My dreams were shattered and I was frustrated.  I converted my IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode calls that year. I was in a dilemma – should I join IIM I/K or wait one more year and have one more shot at my dreams?

Everyone from my friends and family advised me to join one of IIM Indore or IIM Kozhikode, as they are among some of the best B-schools in the country. “CAT is unpredictable and you don’t know you would fare in your next attempt,” they said. It would be foolish to let such an opportunity pass for an unsure future. But my heart didn’t want to give up on my dreams. When I started preparing for CAT, like every other CAT aspirant, I dreamt of getting into one of IIM A, B or C. IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode are amazing B-schools but my love for IIM ABC didn’t allow me to join any other B-school in 2018. Since this was my first attempt at CAT and I was a working professional with just 6 months of work experience, I was in a position to take the risk.

Fast forward to September 2018, 2 months prior to CAT. I was going through the same feelings and emotions I went through last year. No matter how many times you write CAT, you can’t be sure of your performance on the D-day. I can’t say I never pondered over my decision to pass the opportunity to join IIM I/K. I was going through a mixed bag of emotions, “What if I don’t even get IIM I or K this year?” “How would I justify the decision I took last year?” But, somewhere in my mind, I knew that even if I fail, I’ve given my dreams a chance. Soon came 25th November 2018 – the day of the actual CAT. By this point in time, I had done everything I could to make sure that I got those coveted calls that I’ve always wanted.

Fast forward to 5th Jan 2019, a lazy Saturday morning. CAT results at 10 AM, followed by an interview call from IIM Calcutta. I was on cloud nine. Later, I got shortlisted by IIM Ahmedabad as well as IIM Bangalore. Yes, the wait was worth it! The first task was achieved, I had secured calls from all 3 of my dream B-schools. The next task in hand was to prepare for the interviews and convert those calls.

Fast forward to April 2019. The final results of IIM ABC are out. I made it to “The place I wanted to B”. I’ll be joining IIM Bangalore in June 2019. It had been one heck of a journey so far to get into IIM B. The journey inside IIMB is going to be…………… To be continued…………

Preparing for CAT?  You can always contact me if you need any help.   Prepare well and never give up on your dreams!  Kudos!

I’ve attempted CAT twice and I’ve attended interviews of all the IIMs, SP Jain, and other B-schools. Posts at InsideIIM and seniors helped me a lot during my CAT journey. 

Abhishek Anand

Not until are we lost do we begin to find ourselves. In my quest to find my way back to the peak of the mountain after being lost in the dense white fog during my first ever trekking expedition into the Himalayas made me fall in love with nature. By profession, I am a Senior Manager at Tata Motors, Pune. I wrote CAT twice in my journey to IIM Bangalore. Soon, I'll be a part of "The place to B".



Rajat Raj

10th CBSE (2010) – 89.3%
12th Science stream CBSE (2012) – 63.4%
B.Tech (Mechanical) from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (2013 – 2017)– 73%
Category – OBC-NCL
I have 1 year of gap after my class 12 as I was preparing for IITJEE. Meanwhile I wrote class 12 again as improvement and I got 73%(2013). Which mark-sheet of class 12 should I show while applying for CAT 2019? After my graduation, I started working as Inside Sales Manager in one of the growing Ed-Tech startups having 1 year and 3 months of experience in sales from that organization. Currently I am working as Associate Category Lead with another Ed-Tech startup where I am responsible for multiple roles like sales, lead generation, marketing and operation. As of now (8th April, 2019), I am having 1 year and 6 months of total experience. So by the time when I will be giving the interviews for MBA colleges I will be having almost 2 years and 2 months of work experience. Will this much of work experience create any problem while interviews ?
Please evaluate my profile and help me how can I enhance my profile as well.
What kind of calls can I expect if I score 99.5+ percentile in CAT 2019?
Will I get any call from old or new IIMs or Top B-schools like FMS, SP Jain, MDI, XLRI, JBIMS, NITIE with this profile?

Please help.


You should show your improved result as you will be able to justify that gap year, and since you are an obc 98 percentile will fetch you a call from MDI ,IIM K ,IIM L,IIM C,FMS,NITIE and if luck is with you then IIM A as well