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18th November 2013

23: 15 hrs – The IIM A summer placement report is now live. It is an unverified report but still has a lot of detail. Check it here. This space will no longer be updated. Thank you for being with us.

19:30 hrs – IIM Ahmedabad announced the completion of Summer Placements for PGP and PGP – ABM today. The placements concluded on 16th November 2013 after Cluster 3. Cluster 4 placements will not take place now. More details to follow in an unverified report to be published soon.

17th November 2013

15:00 hrs –  Infibeam made the highest number of offers – 9 in the 3rd cluster. L&A tech offered the role of an interim CEO.

The third cluster of the Summer Internship Placement process for the flagship PGP batch of 2013-15 was held on 16th November 2013 at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Similar to Cluster 2, a number of firms conducted pre-interview processes in the form of group discussions on November 15. Cluster 3 comprised five cohorts: Niche Consulting, Pharma companies, Indian Banking & Financial Services, Indian Private Equity and Technology & Internet firms.

The key recruiters in the consulting sector included KPMG, PwC, RPG, Pathfinders amongst others. Banking and financial services firms included Bharti-Axa, Crisil, India Alternatives, MasterCard and Swiss Re. The cluster also saw many pharma companies such as Abbott, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cipla, Dr.Reddy’s amongst others recruiting from campus. Technology and Internet companies that extended offers to students included Infibeam, IBM, InfoEdge, Juniper, TCS and Zovi.

12th November 2013

20 : 15 hrs – 45-50 firms participated in today’s cluster following the 25 firms that participated in Cluster 1. We can also confirm that there is a concept of Dream company that is in place which means that a student can take an offer and still sit for his/her dream company if it comes later.

19:50 hrs – The second cluster of the Summer Internship Placement process for the flagship PGP batch of 2013-15 was held today at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. A majority of the firms conducted pre-interview processes in the form of group discussions on 11th November.

Cluster 2 comprised four cohorts: Consumer Goods and services, General Management and Leadership programs, Technology & Internet and Banking and Financial Services (BFSI). The recruiters in Cluster 2 included Conglomerates such as Aditya Birla Group, GE, Mahindra, Tata Administrative Services (TAS) and Reliance which offered leadership roles to students. Aditya Birla Group (ABG) and GE were jointly the largest recruiters on Cluster 2 making 10 offers each to students.

The recruiters in the Consumer Goods and Services Cohort included Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Mondelez, Pepsi, Coke and others. Technology and Internet firms including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Philips, etc. also recruited students for business development, project management and operations roles. Finance firms including DBS, American Express and Axis Bank participated in the summer internship process as part of the Banking and Financial Services cohort.

8th November 2013

20 : 20 hrs – BCG has also made 15 offers at IIM Bangalore 

18 : 40 hrs – Boston Consulting Group made the highest number of offers at IIM A’s cluster 1 – 14. 

The firms which visited the campus as part of Cluster 1 comprised three cohorts – global strategy consulting, international investment banks and investment management firms.  A total of 25 firms participated. Prominent recruiters included Accenture Management Consulting, A.T. Kearney, Bain & Co., Barclays, Citi, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co., Standard Chartered, etc. Altisource-Ocwen offered multiple roles in investment research at international locations.

13 : 40 hrs – A.T.Kearney releases names and photos of 4 interns that they have hired from IIM Ahmedabad today on FB – Gyan Gupta, Sur Shah, R.Vivek and Taru Agarwal. They have also recruited 4 interns from IIM Calcutta and 3 from IIM Lucknow.

7th November 2013

IIM Ahmedabad Summer Internship Recruitment starts tomorrow. This space will capture highlights of each cluster as it happens. The information will be received directly from the IIM Ahmedabad Placement Committee.  Visit on 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th for details of that day at 8pm.

Team InsideIIM congratulates IIM Ahmedabad for being the most transparent business school in India by a distance. Not only are the placements at IIM Ahmedabad audited by CRISIL, a daily report of the placements is released to the media on each cluster day. Companies are fully aware of other companies visiting campus along with them and students also know in advance the schedule of companies. No student can be forced to take up an offer if his/her preference lies elsewhere. Unfortunately, these practices are not followed in most other schools in India.

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The Summer Internship Recruitment 2013-14 for the PGP program of IIMA begins on 8th November 2013. As you might be aware, IIM Ahmedabad follows a cohort based placement process wherein companies offering similar profiles are grouped into cohorts, and several cohorts are invited to the campus in a particular cluster. The schedule for Summer Internships 2013 is as follows:

Cluster 1: 8th November 2013
Cluster 2: 12th November 2013
Cluster 3: 16th November 2013
Cluster 4: 19th November 2013

The institute will follow a rolling process post Cluster 4, if necessary.

IIM A will continue its policy of proactively reaching out to the media by issuing a press release following each cluster.



The above is an excerpt of a release sent to us by the Placement Committee of IIM Ahmedabad

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