The IIM Amritsar Student Who Taught An Entire Village

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – NELSON MANDELA

When many of us spend time preparing for exams and watching latest episodes of TV Series, a student from IIM Amritsar has paved the way for the education of almost every child of Distwaliya, district Gorakhpur.

Born into a humble family, Alok Mishra spent his life around Distwaliya. Thus the feeling to return to the society has been imbibed in his mind.

But being the Director of Pandit Paras Nath Mishra Public School hasn’t been a cake walk. In 2011, he started with just one kid, for free. Soon with his innovative pedagogy methods and techniques, he gained substantial popularity. As a result, Alok has found himself as the center of demand.

“I remember, when I started the School with only 3 students at my old house, in 2013, I felt a tremendous surge of emotions. And it was then I had my epiphany”

From teaching his friend the elementary mathematics to managing a school with over 500 students, only at a marginal rate of 100 Rs/month, Alok now harbours a mission to get each and every student the premier education at the most affordable prices.

Even after cracking CAT and getting into an IIM hasn’t thwarted his plans.

“I feel much more confident now. Studying in IIM Amritsar has given me new opportunities to learn and explore. And using these connections I believe I will expand more”

Alok also maintains an emphasis on changing the mindset of the people.

“Having studied in IIM Amritsar has helped me realise that nurturing talent is the key driver in a student’s career growth. My school will emphasise on endorsing talents and providing them with a platform.”

Soon Gorakhpur will produce not just Academicians, but also Cricketers, Musicians, Actors and Politicians, finishes the interview with a wink.

Meanwhile, Alok Mishra is also leading the Social Group of IIM Amritsar – Sankalp and has successfully organized and conducted multiple events.



An author (Chiaroscuro, Glimpses, BBCKCCS), an avid daydreamer :) IIM Amritsar PGPM 2017-19