‘IIM-B Taught Me The ABC Of Entrepreneurship’ – S.S.Sankalp, A Serial Entrepreneur

When I met this serial entrepreneur in his office for the first time, I did not recognise him at all. I was expecting someone with a swag of IIM-B but he was so grounded and humble and when I entered his office, I luckily met him in the lift and I talked him about his office, work but forgot to ask his name and while moving towards his office I asked, “Which way to Sankalp’s office?” He said I’m Sankalp. And I was like ok.

The first thing I asked him, “You are from IIM-B, right?” and he said I think so, Why? So this is how I started and we carry along since then. He said, “As an IIM-B alumni, I have a pressure to run business successfully but this is not easy at all, of course. I’m a computer engineer and had my first start-up in the first year of college where I pointed out the problem that people face while borrowing books from the libraries – remembering the date to return the book. So I made a program that will notify you via sms the date of returning the book as there were no smart phone like android and it became very popular at that time. I was introduced with the word of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many entrepreneurs and silicon valley. So I decided to be an entrepreneur. I was very active in India Against corruption moment and then was upset with no outcome and after a year landed in IIM-B. With the NGO wing of IIM-B started a small school in his home town and currently 300 students are studying for free.”

”In IIM-B, I came to know what is business, how it works and how you can minimize your cost and various things and it changed my life and I said hey this is what I have to do and I started an E-commerce platform shopinghar.com. With few partners coming in then with lots of ups and down, I managed to keep the business at 500 orders a day in 18 months and then partnership broke and due to insufficient funds and had to shutdown the operation.”

But he did not give up on to that and now he is again ready with a fresh start with the new name an this time eyeing on gulf region. Again trying to raise some fund meanwhile with all this struggle, he launched a platform dilspeaks.com which is live in 5 countries now and people are sharing their stories and it is attracting good amount of traffic.

He said that I know what I am and there is no reason for him to do any other thing than to be an entrepreneur.