Final Placements : IIM Bangalore – Class of 2012

We are happy to share the 2nd placement report  in our series (after XLRI Jamshedpur) and the first among the IIMs – IIM Bangalore for the Class of 2012.

And the verdict is that it will be tough to match the opportunities available at an institution like IIM Bangalore not only in India but in the continent. It is unlikely any other institutes apart IIM Ahmedabad or IIM Calcutta will be able to do so. While this is not something unusual, you shall see that (if we are able to get information from placement cells of all institutions) that the gulf between IIM ABC and other top schools in India is still very wide.

IIM Bangalore’s placement report :

Points to Note:

– The list of companies mentioned below is indicative and not exhaustive. Names of some big firms/first time recruiters have been purposely withheld owing to NDA with such recruiters.

–  Only those companies which rolled out offers have been mentioned here. Participating companies which did not make any offers have been excluded

– The list of companies below includes those who have give out Pre-Placement Offers and some of them may not have visited the campus for Finals

Front-end Markets has been clubbed with Front-end Investment Banking as IIM B classifies such jobs as front end and middle office/back end jobs. IIM B does not maintain a separate classification in terms of IBD/Corporate Advisory/Markets/FICC etc. – as told by IIM Bangalore Placement Committee


Highlights of 2012 Final Placements at IIMB:
1) Swiss Investment Bank, UBS, recruited exclusively from IIMB during Final Placements 2012 offering Equities Derivative Trading profile based out of Hong Kong

2) Private Equity giant Blackstone continued to recruit exclusively from IIMB among all Asian B-Schools for their London Desk.

3) Arthur D’Little recruited exclusively from IIMB for its Dubai location. Some of the other management consulting firms that recruited exclusively from IIMB include Siemens Management Consulting, Z S Associates, PRTM Consulting

4) Hyundai Motors, fifth largest automobile manufacturer worldwide, recruited exclusively from IIMB among all Indian B-Schools for position based out of Seoul – their headoffice. Infact, as part of it recruitment strategy, Hyundai recruited from one campus each among BRIC countries. The role on offer was their prestigious ‘Bluewave Leadership Programme’ – their global leadership programme

5) A Trilogy group company made exclusive offers at IIMB offering ‘Ideation Lead’ profile based out of Dubai. This position was created specially for IIMB students based on the students performance during the selection process.

6) Siemens group offered their global leadership programme role exclusively at IIMB with stints in India and Germany. Robert Bosch and Punj LLoyd too offered their leadership programmes with stints in India and abroad. (Update 20th April 2012 : Disputed by another institute and under investigation)

7) Duferco Group offered metals trading profile based out of Lugano – Switzerland – ONLY such offer made across all IIMs (Such offers were made only at 2 institutions in India).

8 ) California based credit management firm Encore Capital, which is known for recruiting from only top US B-Schools, recruited IIMB students for their India office, again exclusive offers.

9) Irish firm, Ingersoll Rand offered their unique ‘Entrepreneur Creation Programme’ for the second consecutive year. The firm also offered an additional profile ‘Accelerated Development Programme’ at IIMB

We would like to thank the placement committee of IIM Bangalore for providing information in the format once again after the Summer Placements. We believe it will be of immense help to   to readers , aspirants and recruiters.

This is the second in a series of reports that will bring to you. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers. We must also put a disclaimer that despite our best efforts it is not always necessary that the data given to us is 100 % accurate.

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Abhishek Thakore


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MBB Aspirant

A correction ,the name of the firm is "ZS Associates" and not "Z S Associates"

It was wonderful article.
Do you guys have any idea on the compensation that was offered by the Consulting companies that give a Full Time offer at IIMB ?Any approximate ball park range would be highly appreciated.

Also I noticed that there were no statistics on number of students placed at each firms.Could you also provide a range for that (at least by function,at least for Consulting : ))

One request : Could you guys also publish an article on summer internship recruiting at IIM A B C .Who are offered interviews.What are the criteria.Conversion into FT percentages etc.



The top tier consulting firms mentioned in the above list offer anything between 20 LPA and 25 LPA. Regarding number of offers made: McKinsey – 8, BCG – 12, Bain – 6, A T Kearney – 9, Booz – 2. Among others Accenture made 12 offers while Deloitte made 14 offers. All these are strategy consulting roles. This year Accenture made the highest offer among domestic consulting offers. But that is because it made 'Consultant' offer at IIMB as against the usual 'Analyst' roles. to the best of my knowledge, Accenture made Consultant roles only at IIMB and ISB. Regarding PPO conversions at IIMB, it were the best among all IIMs.. McKinsey 5/6, BCG 7/8, Bain 3/3, A T Kearney 5/5.

MBB Aspirant

Thank you.Does that mean that 8 hired by Mckinsey includes 5 PPO offers ?or total comes out to be 13 ?


It includes the 5 PPOs as well. So basically 8 students from the Class of 2012 will be joining McKinsey this year. Similarly BCG – 12 ( 7 + 5), ATK 9 ( 5 + 4) so on and so forth.


@Rajesh – Thanks for all the info. I assume you are from IIM Bangalore Placement Committee. Are you PGP1/PGP2?

If you can give this kind of data to InsideIIM guys why can't IIM B publish an official report in this format? This is a much more relevant way of presenting placement information than even IIM A's "CRISIL audited" report.

@PeopleatInsideIIM – You guys need to get IIM Ahmedabad to give report in this form too!


I am a proud member of IIM Bangalore – Class of 2012. 🙂

Well, point worth pondering over. However, the IIMB report which will be up on the website will be as exhaustive as this. Not sure about the format though. But a good point.

Regarding IIMA's report format – Its a good tool to gauge the placement trends at B-Schools. However in its present form, it just talks about salary. It is very difficult to figure out which companies offered what kind of profiles. Yet, I am big fan of IIMA's IPRS.


Hyundai picked 2 BTechs from IITM and is paying them for their MBA/Mtech(their choice) for their Bluewave program. So the 1 campus from India part is certainly not true.


"..recruited exclusively from IIMB among all Indian B-Schools.."
No one's talking about an IIT/NIT campus.


Deloitte made an offer to 14 students and did they accept? This year it offered something in the range of 10 to 12 including variable.


The fourteen students who secured offers from Deloitte at IIMB had salaries between 17 and 20 LPA including joining bonus of 2 lakhs. The figures are moreorless the same at IIMA and IIMC. I am not sure if Deloitte offers differential packages at other B-Schools.


Dont tell lie here. I am very much aware of the packages offered. It is 10 to 12lpa only. Till last year, it used to offer higher packages in the range of 15 to 20. But not this year.

Team InsideIIM

We request you to stop this discussion on salary numbers. It is always debatable how it is calculated. The utility of this platform will get diluted with statements like "Dont lie….". Since average salary numbers have not been reported, please dont have any discussion around it. Your co-operation will be appreciated.


@ Saurabh: I am not sure which institute you belong to. Mostly IIM Calcutta, mostly from your replies. In that case I am surprised that Deloitte offered only 10 to 12 LPA at your campus. Just for your information, Deloitte has a standard package at top institutes (at least at IIMB and IIML for sure) Fixed + Variable of around 13.5 – 14 LPA, Joining bonus of 2 LPA + 1 LPA for every year of relevant work experience. Laterals at IIMB means you need to have at least 22 months of work experience. Most people who made it to Deloitte this year (like every year) had 3-5 years of work experience. You can calculate for yourself what the salary packages look like.

@Team InsideIIM: These details were declared by the company people to all students (at IIMB) during the PPT. It has nothing to do with IIMB or its official stand of not sharing any salary details. Someone is accusing me of lying, hence the reply. btw, the above information is easily verifiable from other relevant sources.


Apologies: Fixed + Variable + Joining Bonus = 14.06 LPA to be precise; 1 LPA for every year of relevant work experience. So if you have 4 years of relevant work experience, your annual package is 18.06 LPA. This was communicated in the PPT. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Not from the prestigious ABC, but from SJMSOM and gathered all this information from my friends at ABC.


Then all I can say is that you have been given wrong information. Check with your friends in B and I am sure they will be able to tell you the exact figures (the ones above)


May be it is the same policy of non-disclosure.


Just a query. Isn't Joining bonus a one time payment? Is it fair to include it in the annual salary? Do a lot of companies do that?


It is unfair to include joining bonus in annual salary shown at campuses. It is a one time component. On top of that some companies include joining bonus even though it is paid in two years time. All these are rubbish HR practices developed to attract better talent. Almost all companies do this, be it accenture which includes some 4 to 5 lakh joining bonus in its salary to make it look worthy.


Its best to quote salaries payable by companies in a given financial year. I don't see including joining bonus as part of annual package as a completely wrong-thing. After all, the company pays the bonus in cash. As far as it being a one-time component – I guess there are yearly increments which invariably everyone gets after one year of completion/ annual appraisals. These are part of subsequent year's pay package which of course do not get reflected in the first year. My point, all that you get in cash should certainly be included in the package. However, it is best to report the salary figures in a standardised form like IPRS or even for that matter in the western standards.


Hi, the salary figures you have quoted is correct….but in many campuses, say a guy with 3 years workex in IT is considered as having 1 year relevant work experience for S&O and so on..correct me if I am wrong..


Quite possible… But the ones who made it to S & O from B were mostly from manufacturing/operations/marketing background (in terms of work ex). So those guys full credit for their work ex… Other campuses, I am not sure…


A few more points
1. Accenture offered consultant profiles at IIM A and C as well.
2. Duferco made offer at IIM C also. Check out its placement reports.
3. Why didnt you mention about average and other salary figures? IIM a has an average between 22 and 27 lpa this year(as per reports in media)


1) No one at IIM A or C bagged a consultant profile (Though Accenture offers the consultant profiles at every campus, however rarely anyone makes the cut) . It depends upon your prior work experience and that too relevant. To the best of knowledge, people at A, C, XLRI, FMS got Analyst profile. If you are sure about people getting consultant profiles at other campuses, then it must be. I have written what I got to know from others, which may not be true.
2) Duferco participated at IIMC, but did not make any offer. In campus placements at least, only two such offers were made; one at IIMB and other at IIFT.
3) Beyond the control of the placement committee. It is an institute decision not to diclose salary details. I for one wish IIMB makes the figures public. Regarding IIMA's average figures – these are the average figures for the top consulting firms as published by some media houses. Wait for their CRISIL audited report. You will get to know the real salaries.


1. May be true.
2. No. One got through Duferco from IIM C, but got PPO after that from an investment bank where he had interned. So not planning to join Duferco.

Team InsideIIM

@Saurabh – IIM Calcutta report should be up on Tuesday. Let's keep this controversy away till then. We promise to edit the 'exclusivity' statement in case it is brought to our notice by official sources.

Nitish Anand

A few comments from IITM says some companies also recruited from IITM also,so the point of only campus doesnt hold valid.

The profile offered is different which you can not expect at IITM….Please understand


Dude the point here is about B-Schools… Hyundai visited 4 business schools located in BRIC countries. Nowhere the article talks about the various roles offered by Hyundai to different types of schools in India… Hope you got it!


Can someone tell me how many of the investment banks offered M & A profiles?
And did GS, DB, MS overseas desks come for finals or were these offers ppos?

Top B-Schooler

GS, DB, MS – all offered overseas postings through the PPO route as far as I know… Most I-Banks offers either IBD (M & A, Corporate Advisory, IPO etc) or Markets roles (Sales, Trading , Equity research) at ABC. Hope that answers your query… Btw, a good show by IIMB especially in consulting.


hey guys u have yet not published iift, iim c reports, Do u follow a policy of one post per month..
We look forward to your reports as they provide a much better picture than the reports on other sites. It really helps us..Kudos to the team. waiting for more…

Team InsideIIM

We publish the reports as soon as we can. It depends on whether we get the data in our desired format. Not all Institutes are very comfortable doing that (Even the best) because there are a lot of cracks which need papering. Somehow in India we are not yet comfortable in being transparent.

We will only be covering the institutes featured on this website for now. We will be adding more institutions in June 2012.


Accenture offered a 'consultant' role at IIMA & IIMC too- at C as a PPO. The 'exclusivity' part is hardly valid for most top companies recruiting at ABC. In spite of that these institutes (including mine-IIMA) continue to claim these on grounds of trivial technicality. It must also be said here that IIMA is the only institute amongst ABC that allows its students to take multiple offers signing out. Both B and C make you sign out of finals when you get one offer. Anyway, it has been a good show by B- slowly catching up with A & C.

Top B-Schooler

Dear Wimwian 2012…. What a shame of WIMWI you are…… Have you ever bothered to read the IIMA placement reports for the last two three years? This year – Did it even mention that Credit Suisse, World Quant or Roland Berger recruit exclusively from IIMA? Yet you are saying IIMA claims exclusivity of companies… Shame dude! I doubt you are from IIMA… Infact your post suggests that you are from the usual third ranked IIM…. Anyway, its fine with me either way…. Nevertheless….. the difference between A and B lies in the day zero companies…. And the more number of exclusive companies a campus gets (among top recruiters), the stronger the placements look like… And yes, B did a fantastic job this year….. Relative to A, how did B perform – let me not comment upon this.. the junta here is smart enough…. Regarding B catching up with A…. Well, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle – both are unique and world class… However Lata is 'perceived' to be better than Asha and will always be… Bhai, A and B ka relation kuch waisa hi hain… and waisa hi rahega… 😉 Btw, Asha is my more favourite than Lata 😉


Wrt to the last line of your post:

If you are actually in IIMA, then all I can say is that the panel that selected you did a really poor job of not recognizing the level of immaturity that you possess. Your attempt at trolling here is a good one, but for your sake, I hope you can rise above such things once you enter the corporate world.


Good job IIM Bangalore on Placements…. And @WIMWIAN…. I guess IIMB is surely ahead of IIMA in this year's placements… I have friends in all A,B,C and I can draw this inference…. To all readers. do not go by what people to the current batch people about the placements scene…. Alumni and current students do a good job in guiding people…. All said and done, IIMA still remains the number 1 institute for me…followed by IIMB….


Can someone please throw light on point 6 in Highlights? – "Siemens group offered their global leadership programme role exclusively at IIMB with stints in India and Germany."

Which role is being talked of here?



As per the pre-placement talk, its a global leadership programme that was offered at only two campuses this year viz. IIMB and ISB… The role includes one year's stint in India and one year in Germany after which the candidates could be posted in any of Siemens Offices across the globe…. (but mostly Germany)… There are very few B-Schools in Asia where this role was offered… Insead and HKUST I am aware of…


1) SGP hired 1 from B. They visited A too not sure if they hired anyone there. They recruited two from ISB
2) FEP hired 1 each from B and ISB (Could be more at ISB, not sure)


Of course the comparison is among IIMs… The point is the company offered the role at IIMB among IIMs. Besides, the grade offered at ISB is for relatively senior people which is what makes a completely different category. So technically, the role offered at IIMB was an exclusive one, my friend.


Not really! Both graduates of IIM B and ISB would be starting at the same level since it's a global program.

Anyway, the role was offered at IIM C as well – though the process couldn't be concluded before the final placements.

@Team InsideIIM: Request you to correct the misleading statements.


How many people recruited by Fin companies were placed abroad ? A company wise breakup would be great!


Hyundai for Seoul, Trilogy for Dubai, UBS for Hong Kong, Arthur D Little for Dubai, Blackstone for London, Duferco for Switzerland – Goshhhhh!!!!!! That too only at IIMB – Puts IIMB in a different league altogether. Congratulations to everyone who bagged these elite roles 🙂


What is the role offered by companies such as Google,Microsoft, Yahoo at IIMB.

Also could you please tell role offered by target retail?

R Sridhar

Hello Buddy,

congrats for people who had got very good placement. BTW, how much tech companies are paying IIMB, in particlular the IT consulting companies like infyyyyy, CTS etc. They don't pay anything to engineering work force except stocks if you had joined long agoo.
Side note:- You IIMB fellows dwarf like nothing before NIT allahabad friend Jalan who bagged 1.34 crore package and many from NITK bagged 20 to 25 lakhs in microsoft , probably 10. HYundai is diggy company whether they hire or not does not matter.

R Sridhar


Do you Sloan school, they have awesome placements. Do you mean to say that IIMBBBB is greater that sloan. The knowledge creation of Sloan is phenomenal. IIMB professors are big cheats who is fooling around HRD ministry. What they have only students of 10% who perform well,which needs to be accepted. Other fellows don't do knowledge creation work and simply come there to say that I am also IIM. I have not seen one MIT sloan guy saying that they are great. Look at their lab for financial engineering, IIMB toattract and do such a pioneering work will take one century.. If at all people are coming, it is superficial name that IIMB has. NIT trichy faculty floated proposal for UKERI project along with other B schools, including IIMB. They got selected to improve everything of SMB segment to create more wealth. They are going to work with university Burnell for 30 months. See the contribution to the nation that they are making. NIT trichy is saying around the world we are equal to Sloan+ Harvard + etc.. Buddies grow up and develop knowlegde creation rather PR….


R Sridhar

You stupid, it looks like yawn for you. Already professors from your beautiful and biggest crap IIMA had gone for better jobs . They are joining provate B schools. Your crappy IIMB stinks without any high quallity research. If some one gets average salary 8 lakhs in IIM placement, I am sure they won,t even look out.It looks boring to you. They are people sending RTI to your IIX and publish it in times of india. Then, you will seee that your salary will come down to zero. Hero by PR and zero by RTI.

IIMA is spending more than 30% in non performing assets. Grow stupid….

Siddharth Khanna

R Sridhar –

My dear friend, vomiting about NITs doing n number of things to build nation and research itself speaks volumes about your desperation, hunger for attention and lack of complete knowledge. Exclaiming about pay packets is not something that we do. Before you start building any opinions about my comments, let me tell you a brief intro. This is coming to you from a NIT + IIMB alumnus. NITH 2006 & IIMB 2012 to be exact. Now coming to some facts:
1. IIMB is the only B School which was started with the vision of building India with respect to churning out high potential managers for Public Sector Undertakings, which were once (many still remain) the only building blocks of a developing India). IIMB started giving normal PGPs only in early 1990s (founded 1973)
2. IIMB, or for that matter any established IIM does NOT declare maximum salaries as a POLICY MATTER. Only IIMA & C report median salaries. IIMB does not disclose any salary details, as they are not a true representation.
3. As for knowledge creation, Harvard will soon be distributing cases written by IIMB faculty & students of various programs (PGP, FPM etc). A link is reproduced below:
4. As for the RTIs, IIMB was the first one to respond to RTI queries raised about its selection process. First-hand account of how an aspirant got the most PROMPT reply can be found at:

Also, for your information, I will help to facilitate any RTI queries that you would want to file. Please go to this website to file your RTI :

For your information, this website and business is a start-up of an IIM Bangalore alumnus who happens to be my batch mate!

4. You hardly seem to know about the scope of work offered to IIMB graduates by the way you are bullshiting roles offered by Hyundai & IT consulting companies. So it’s better not to talk about them (I can get my friends who are working in these roles to counsel you, if you please)

And by the way, which research work of IIMB or any other IIM have you gone through that makes you say “Your crappy IIMB stinks without any high quality research.”? Please do let me know.


Wow ,,, man … this is good … a good reply //// more organised and more constructive …. so i think the dude loses out any way /;)

Cheers and best of luck man!

By the way do you know Ayush Sharma from Jun 2011 to Mar 2013 batch?


are freshers also hired for management consulting roles? or do you need to have substantial experience.


Hello Dear NITian ( Special person) because your are from NITH
Some body yarn too. You can yarn no problems as I know your IIMB placement is punctured royally and so many of guys are roaming for jobs.. what buddy…


I have not posted here because I have better job to do rather coming visiting this site. So next man who replied from IIIMMM should know the fact IIM's = stupid empty noisemaking nuisance. Why can't you develop vision document for Bihar man if IIMB has kowledge.


Mr NITH:- Give some explanation
When IIM bill is formed ,one gentle man from IIIMMMM calicut raised saying IIM existence and sustainability is highly questionable as IIM should not be stand alone management institue. Why this unsustainable proposition is practiced till todate beause IIM were looting the government with cock and bull stories as government is full of uninformed politicians.


Why there is massive exodus of great teachers from IIMA ,marque institute, albeit self proclaimed one. I have proof of IIMA students saying that they are cyclostyling Managment accountancy subjects and simply giving to students.. Ofcouse there are many surprises like harassments, many many..
RTI:- RTI is formulated by government , idea given of Annee hazare as one part and arvind also given such idea when he is working FCI. Why your superb junior staff of Harvard in IIMB did not come with this RTI idea and see to it becomes act… Propbaly would be IIM's will do it right Dont crap bull shit..
Creativity:- PURA has come from APJ Kalam and he also developed a blue print sort to connect rivers and tributaries, which Honorable CM of TN has given final shape and mopped entire finance as separate country doing it by TN itself like many. Why IIM has not developed any great concept like zero poverty theory.