“IIM Bangalore values consistent performance as well as diversity and All Rounders” – IIM Bangalore Media Cell

In the series of LIVE Chats going on InsideIIM, this is the transcript for the chat with IIM Bangalore on the admission process scheduled to happen over the next 1-2 months


Ayush Kumar I am a ST student with 87 % from IITB what are my chances ?

IIM Bangalore Congrats on your score, hope for the best ! We are not sure of chances exactly because a lot of factors other than score and college matter!

Ayush Kumar Do they only take work ex guys?

IIM Bangalore 100 of 400 are freshers.


Shantesh Verma Please start the discussion with your pearls of wisdom on WAT/PI preparation and some pointers that can help us in preparing for it.

IIM Bangalore Please start reading newspapers and keep informed of recent affairs. Just also make sure you know you’re Why MBA and Why Me answers well! For WAT, this may seem trivial but a neat handwriting says a lot more than a good essay


V G Can you elaborate about letter of references thing. Will colleague’s reference letter will do? Also how to they evaluate quality of work exp? Any example questions?

IIM Bangalore Yes a letter of reference from your colleague will do. We are not allowed to see the letters but I heard it has some questions as well. Last year, they required 3 references. A mix of colleagues and profs from undergrad will be ideal. The quality of your references helps you build credibility in the interviews. You can be asked something from these references too.

V G Does it matter if the reference person is very senior or mid level executive? Also do we get some letter to get them filled with concerned or we have to provide only email details and college directly contact them?

IIM Bangalore It must be a person you have worked with closely so he will know you well. When you provide the references, the college will contact them through e-mail ids you provide

V G With a 4+ year exp can I expect academics based question?

IIM Bangalore While we cannot tell you for sure what exactly will/won’t be asked, make sure you are confident about your work related field. Also, go through the IIMB website. That will help you too. There will be a lot of personal questions based on the application form that you will fill once the shortlist is out.

V G On a lighter note, my girlfriend as a reference would not be an issue? She is also an MBA and working?

IIM Bangalore As long as you can show a professional working relationship, the reference will be accepted. Right now, purely personal references will not be accepted! 


A B Any specific resources that are referred to by the faculty/students at IIM-B? Not for preparation per se, but for keeping yourself up to date. Like any specific sites/blogs,etc?

IIM Bangalore Just your normal newspaper should do. There is no one method to prepare or these interviews.

A B Any surprise questions that you/your batch were asked which don’t generally come under the preparation stuff.

IIM Bangalore People were asked questions ranging from Quants to sports to philosophyBut personal questions are a common thread.

A B Any traps to look out for in interviews or is it just a myth.

IIM Bangalore Any perceived trap is just an opportunity to swing the situation your way. Spontaneity goes a long way.


Vivekananda Venkannagari Can you throw some light on aspirants from medical background? How the interview differs from engineering people?

IIM Bangalore The interview will have a lot of questions on why you want to change your field of study and why you want to do an MBA. IIM B has a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. Please be clear about why you want to do an MBA and how that will help you achieve your goals. These are some questions they may ask you.

Vivekananda Venkannagari If have work experience as medical officer… will there be any grilling with respect to my work in terms of its relation to managerial skills?

IIM Bangalore That is a strong possibility. In addition, they may ask you what you learnt from your experience and your strength and weakness.

Vivekananda Venkannagari What are the qualities that IIM-B looks in the applicants as I see there are huge differences of CAT percentiles who converted IIM-B when compared to IIM-A&C.

IIM Bangalore You might find this information on more informal forums. IIM B values consistent performance as well as diversity and all rounder’s.

Vivekananda Venkannagari Some disciplines like medicine will not award great % in graduation while some other disciplines award as high as above 95. Is there any system to consider scores according to their discipline?

IIM Bangalore It will all be taken into account. Please do not worry about the process.

Vivekananda Venkannagari Will there be questions on economics for persons without economic background? Can you suggest some basic economics books & other related material which will be useful during interviews?

IIM Bangalore For someone with a non-eco background, the questions will mainly be about the macroeconomic condition of the country/ world today.

Vivekananda Venkannagari In an essay instead of taking sides can we just explain pros and cons?

IIM Bangalore There is no set formula, it will change according to the topic you get. The panel is not just testing your knowledge. They want to know if you are capable of forming your own opinions. It would be a good idea to write about your views as well


JAYANTHAN Kingsly Can you please give a brief idea of what exactly would be an ideal essay writing style that is required?

IIM Bangalore Structured thought process and coherence of ideas is important. For every idea, ensure you give a complete explanation and example so that it becomes complete.

JAYANTHAN Kingsly Will there be a word limit, what if I overshoot it or finish it well below the required? also please tell me how is the style of writing part evaluated?

IIM Bangalore There is a page with a fixed number of lines within which you have to complete so just don’t fill space, it’s ok to finish early. Pl refer above for points on the style.


Ragi GR After my graduation i worked in TCS for 1.5 yrs and then quit due to some personal reasons, now i have a break of 1.5yrs after my work from which area do you think i should concentrate on more, my work exp or graduation?

IIM Bangalore You can expect questions from both. Please be prepared to answer questions on your motivation for doing an MBA and the reasons for taking a break


Srikanth Chilakalapudi Any good sites / channels to gain knowledge required for GD?

IIM Bangalore IIM B does not have a GD. For other IIMs, it would be a great idea to practice some GDs with your friends to get a feel of it.


Freida Alvares Does IIM-Bangalore have a mentorship programme for shortlisted candidates?

IIM Bangalore Yes, IIM B does have a mentorship program. The shortlisted candidates will get an email communication from us

Freida Alvares I believe that IIM-Bangalore requires you to prepare a Statement of Purpose, if you have made it to the initial shortlist. Could you please give me any pointers on the same?

IIM Bangalore Your SOP should contain a brief background about you. Highlight major achievements. And spend some time detailing why MBA will help you with your goals

Freida Alvares How does one justify a drop in academics in the final year, given that performance in previous years and in school has been exemplary and consistent? Would it be alright to specify the personal circumstances and additional responsibilities shouldered in the light of the same, which led to the drop? Is it ok to bring it up on your own and justify the same, so that it is not used against you at the time of final selection?

IIM Bangalore It varies on a case to case basis. However, the panel is looking to select deserving candidates and not reject them. So, if you have a valid reason, they will listen to you. Bringing up the topic voluntarily would be completely your choice. We are not in a position to advise you on the same.

Freida Alvares Hey, could you tell me about the exchange programmes? Are there any scholarships for the same? What is the basis for the scholarships, if any?

IIM Bangalore IIM B has long and short term exchange programs with some of the best universities in the world. Scholarships are given to meritorious candidates. More information will be available after you join.


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