IIM CAP Interview Experience 2019

Date: 21/2/2019

Venue: MUMBAI (FN)

WAT topic: Recently there’s increase in demand for ban on movies, books and portrayals of historical and mythological figures. Is india really becoming intolerant?


PI Experience:

2 panelists P1 and P2

P1- mid 30’s (F)

P2- late 40’s (M)

M- Myself


P1 called me in the Interview room and asked me for my file.

(I was sweating incessantly because of the meagre – if not absent – air conditioning system at the centre)

P2: Why are you sweating so much?

M: Told that I’m not used to Mumbai’s humid weather.

P2: I thought you’re from mumbai, as your name is Siddhivinayak😀

M: Explained the origin of my name.

P2: So, introduce yourself?

M: Did.

P2: So you want to be in the teaching field after MBA?

(I mentioned teaching and mentoring as a passion)

M: Said yes, but I’ll first take substantial corporate experience.

P2: Asked about my work ex.

M: Told.

P1(after assessing my file): Asked the reason for my low acads.

M: Explained. Mentioned my strong other curricular achievements.

P2: Will you perform similarly in MBA?

M: Negated ambitiously.

P2: Which specialization in MBA?

M: Said finance and marketing.

P2: Why?

M: Told.

P2: How are you with current affairs.

M: Good.

P2: Showed a picture in today’s newspaper, and asked to identify the person and tell why was he in news

M: It was crown prince salman bin of Saudi. Explained.

P2: Asked about his previous deeds.

M: Talked about how he trounced his competition.

P2: Did he murder anyone?

M: Not anyone that I know of.😁

P2: Why is ICJ in news lately?

M: Talked about kulbhushan jadhav case.

P2: Who’s representing our case there?

M: Don’t know sir.

P2: Asked about geopolitics with Iran and the USA?

M: Answered.

P1: Do you read business magazines and newspapers?

M: I said only newspapers.

P1&2: Okay, we’re done. Thank you.

M: Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you.


No cookies no chocolates🙁


Not sure about what to expect out of this.

Siddhivinayak Shende

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