‘”If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon.”

In continuance of the noble initiative to serve a social cause, IIM Indore is back with the much awaited ‘Indore Marathon’. This marathon is conducted every year on 2nd of October, Gandhi Jayanthi and the foundation day for IIM I; inviting participants from all walks of life. This year, the noble drive is to focus on the plight of the homeless and run to change their fortune.

Indore Marathon ideated in the year 2009, with the urge of making a difference, and to give something back to the society. So every year it associates itself with a social cause to cultivate maximum awareness among the public regarding the issue .During the past years, we have picked up themes to make our mother earth greener, to spread education and last year we chose to fight against rape and gender discrimination .Our themes have stood to unite people for supporting our causes vehemently leading to profound actions being taken in the long run. Following the legacy this year, IIM Indore Marathon 2014 stands to support the numerous homeless and needy people of our city.


What if you had nowhere to go and starts to rain?

What if the footpath serves to be your pillow at night?

What if you had no roof over your head in the blazing summer afternoons?

What if you had no SHELTER? No HOME?

On one side Indore is a budding city that boasts of it development with people cherishing this growth in their lavish houses, but at the same time on the darker side, there are thousands who live on streets in fierce cold and burning heat with no roof over their head. Continued negligence, inadequate policies and erratic planning has made the dream of a house out of reach for these poor people. So this year through our event we aim to alarm people of the harsh realities of these homeless people through and build a potent ground for taking initiatives to face this problem.


So Indore Marathon 2014 returns on a bigger and broader scale this year as we further our efforts for greater participation in the event and create more awareness about our theme. We witnessed over 8000 participants last year, and with a heavy amount of enthusiastic registrations this year, the city seems to be buzzing already. A bevy of runners from all professions are taking to the streets together, which makes the 11km run much more promising. A 3km dream run for the kids below 16 years of age provides them an opportunity to participate too!

The race course, set along the major routes inside the decorated city, it planned to give the participants a lively setting in the morning breeze of Gandhi Jayanthi. In our pursuit to improve the perfection, the students of Planet-I are also organizing training camps via fitness partners to acquaint participants with the right set of skills required to complete the run from Dussehra Maidan (situated in the center of the city) to the beautiful campus @Planet – I.

We seek your participation! What are you waiting for? A lively, upbeat and an exceptional marathon experience awaits you. It’s a chance to return a little to the society. Get Ready Indore: it’s time to get your Nikeys out and be a part of the change!