IIM Indore students make Budget Recommendations (2012) to the Madhya Pradesh government

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IIM Indore students have taken keen interest in the M.P where the institute is located. Entire batch of first year students visist different districts of M.P. for a week to understand the working of M.P. economy. Taking this forward, IIM students have come up with some suggestions for the forthcoming state budget and for the economic development of M.P. in general.

It was a student driven activity with guidance from two faculty members. The students who registered for this activity were divided into groups of fifteen students and each group was allotted a separate vertical to work on. The eight verticals as specified were: Agriculture, Industries, IT &ITES, Tourism, E-governance, New Industrial Zones, Education and Water supply & management. Each group was supposed to conduct an in-depth analysis of the vertical allotted to them covering various aspects like the present status, benchmarking with some of the better performing states, future plans in the vertical and, the gaps between the future and present plans of the government.

The analysis had to be concluded by giving concrete recommendations on how the budget of the government can be used to bridge the gap between the stated vision and plans of the government and the present status. The students came up with unique and creative ways to present their plans of their respective verticals after their thorough research for about two weeks. The recommendations, in the form of reports and power point presentations is being sent to the MP government for its consideration. This is a small step by the socially conscious students of IIM Indore to contribute to the efforts of M.P. Govt. to foster economic development and bring prosperity to its citizens.

It is also an annual feature at IIM Indore to conduct post-Union budget discussions under the guidance of faculty members. The students here at IIM Indore who are encouraged to become socially responsible managers always look forward to any such opportunity to understand the economy better and contribute in their own humble way to nation building.

The two professors who supervised the activity are Prof.Ganesh and Prof.Rastogi


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Globe, poora globe…

And why feed so much text into one slide? Its a power point presentation, not a doc report!


All this gyaan is oik…..But what about the placements…..460 students in the batch…how is it coming along??

IIM I student

@Brendan – It is coming along perfectly fine. As per Sunday 26th Feb over 380 of the 450 students have jobs with average salary of over Rs.12 lacs. Top 200 well above Rs.15.5 lacs. Report will be published as soon as all 450 students get placed.


Classic case of trying to achieve too much….
cant help wondering if he whole exercise would have been more meaningful if it had restricted itself to a few recommendations backed by rigorous analysis on why it should be done
ps: @ IIM I student: Hope the placements go well and end soon, good luck 🙂

IIM I student

@Rajagopal – There are more detailed reports. Only the summary of the recommendations was shared with InsideIIM.com. Reports have been sent to the MP government.

Thanks for the wishes


Hi, just wanted to know if you people performed a revenue gained, lost calculation for the recommendations that you gave. At first glance, this looks more like a high level framework built on opinions rather than numbers