IIM Indore UAE Campus wins the prestigious Google Online Marketing Challenge 2014 in the APAC Region

It is a proud moment for IIM Indore UAE, as a team of five students from PGP 2 has won the prestigious GOMC (Google Online Marketing Challenge) in the Google+ Social Media Marketing for the APAC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) region under the guidance of Professor Srinivas Gunta, Faculty of Strategic Management, at IIM Indore. The team comprising of (L-R) M Nitin Teja Reddy, Anne Mary Sebastian, Krishna GS Chirraavuru, Yukti Arora, and Santhanam Balaji worked with Afkar.me by Intigral, a 4 month incubation program, to help create a digital product in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Over 14,000 students from 80 countries and territories participated in this year’s challenge. The IIM Indore UAE team was chosen carefully to address the requirements of the competition. It composed of students from various backgrounds with and without prior work experience to bring in fresh perspectives. Effective communication within the group was the key to the team work spirit maintained throughout the competition.

The members followed the three C’s methodology – Consistent, Commitment and Clear. Initially, the team divided itself into two 2-member groups, which were responsible for running assigned campaigns with the team captain overseeing the entire campaign.

The 5-week Google+ campaign for the client business was strategically defined to overlap the 3-week AdWord campaign. The maintenance plan for the G+ page on a high level was to invite potential customers, promote using G+ posts, monitor the G+ page regularly and promote offline marketing events. Also, the YouTube channel was integrated with the G+ page and the video content about the client was shared through this medium.

As a result of the strategically planned efforts, the number of followers at the end of the campaign was 51, marking a 200% increase from the initial figure. The number of page views also increased by 139% to 1,600. The action on posts increased by 200% and the YouTube channel saw an increase in the number of new subscribers by 300%. The total number of views in the last 30 days reached up to 29, marking an increase of 107%. The number of minutes watched increased by 187%, over the course of the last 30 days.

Relentless efforts and remarkable results resulted in the team winning the Google Online Marketing Challenge in the Google+ Social Media Marketing for the APAC region. IIM Indore UAE congratulates the team for this achievement and for bringing laurels to the Institute.

Refer the Link for complete details: https://www.google.com/onlinechallenge/past/winners-2014.html

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