IIM Indore Versus MDI Gurgaon – Which B-School Is A Better Option?

While a lot has been written about picturesque lush green campuses, festivals and life on campus, this article comparing two of India’s top B-schools will refrain from reinventing the wheel, and you may go through the articles cited below to know about those aspects. They have been intentionally left out not only because a lot of literature is already available about them but also because, given the fact that we are comparing two institutes which are among the best B-schools in India, these things are more or less at par, it is also fairly subjective and depends upon how a person spends his life on campus. Moreover, they do not even form a proper basis for comparing B-schools of such high repute.

Disclaimer – The author, who is a current student of a top MBA college in India, has requested anonymity for reasons personal to her. This article refrains from making any concluding remarks regarding any of the above-mentioned institutes. While both institutes are among the best B-schools in India, this article has been written solely for guiding the aspirants in making an informed decision. Hard facts have been provided with references to help the students in making the correct career choice. The article does not intend to glorify or defame any of the above institutes.




While you have touched each and evry point very well, but, dude, anything that you have typed above can be found on google with a single search. Your title says ‘which is a better option’ and you end up putting them at same level ? If you had no intentions of making a decision, you should have just written the *good things* about both the colleges !! when you say, the author is currently the mba student, we expect some insights as well, not the cliche comparison of pkgs, location, batch size etc !! And I wonder then people would say ‘very well written article’.

Chirag Shukla

Excellent article. Very detailed and some very pertinent points. However, I’d like to poke some holes in this.

1. MDI Gurgaon’s PGP programme was launched in 1994, so effectively, the institute has just about 2-years or 2 batch’s worth of an advantage over IIM Indore.

2. There is a gap of almost 100 companies on campus between MDI Gurgaon and IIM Indore. That is a huge gap, even if the number of students on campus is significantly higher at IIM Indore. This also raises the question that, given the stark difference in absolute numbers, is location really an advantage for MDI Gurgaon?

3. If we are looking at the highest CTC, why not consider the international CTC as well? Granted that it may be in dollars, but for the Class of 2018 at IIM Indore, the highest international CTC stood at 63.45 lakhs while at MDI it stood at 55 lakhs, which translates to a difference of about $13,000, given the exchange rate in early 2018.
Furthermore, if we go back to 2017, the highest CTC (domestic) at IIM Indore stood at Rs. 37 lakhs, while at MDI it was 28.74 lakhs.

4. What is your source for the stat – ..”98.76 percentile, which is the highest across all B-schools in India.”? I think this might be an assumption and not a fact, and is therefore moot.

5. The difference in fees for MDI and IIM Indore may appear a trifling figure when viewed in this article, but 4 lakhs is a lot of money. For some freshers, it is an entire year’s salary.

Please do let me know if I am wrong about any of the 5 points. 🙂

A really well-written article though.

Nakul Midha

Just replying to point number 2, the number of companies depends on how soon the entire batch gets placed. So in those terms, having less companies is good.


point 1 – MDI conducted training programs and the national management programs since 1973. So technically it still awarded MBA. IIM Indore came into existence in 1996.
point 2 – Yes you are right. But the effect is reverse. Large number of companies mean the placement took longer. lesser number of companies means the placement was wrapped up earlier and the entire list of companies could not visit the campus.
Point 3 – Yes you are right. However if you going to previous years then it would be pertinent to also take up all the figures there. prior to 2019, in all the years MDI’s average and Median numbers have been higher than IIM I’s
Point 4 – Okay
Point 5 – Okay

Aayush Agarwal

Clearly the article has been written by an MDI Gurgaon student and hence the clear bias in the article.

Pratik Ranjan Verma

I had read the 98.76%ile bit elsewhere as well. It turns out to be true, because, all IIMs have 50% seats reserved. XLRI accepts XAT scores (not CAT) and SPJain accepts profile calls too. So overall percentile wise, this happens to be the highest.