IIM Indore’s Mridang 2012 – Event Report

IIM Indore’s cultural extravaganza, Mridang 2012!!

The Indian Institute of Management, Indore successfully completed its three day long cultural festival, Mridang which was held from 10th to 12th February. From a Guinness Book of World records attempt to a scintillating fashion show; from graceful dances to melodious voices, this event had everything one could ever dream of. Moreover, events like clay modelling, pottery workshop, graffiti, face painting managed to bring out the child in everyone present on campus.

The detailed day-wise description of the festival is given below:

Mridang Day 1: Guinness record attempt, Jagriti and much more!!!

Mridang, the annual cultural extravaganza of Indian Institute of Management, Indore commenced with a Guinness record attempt. The day even marked the culmination of Jagriti- the socially sensitive event of IIM-Indore.

The motto of Mridang has always been to nurture local and national talent. However, in 2012, Mridang has gone international too.  The students built a 75 sq meters pencil mosaic and it is an attempt to feature in the Guinness Book of World records.  The purpose of this attempt was to promote education. In keeping with this, the institute shall donate all pencils used in making the mosaic after the attempt.

Jagriti, an event aimed at promoting education, based on the concept of ‘A Fist full of Rice and Heart full of Love’, given by late Sri Sathya Sai Baba sensitized the rural and urban school students about the importance of education facilitated interaction between students from urban and rural schools. The event had its finale on campus on the first day of Mridang and urban and rural school children were called to campus. Urban school students participated in Creativity workshop which introduced them to mind mapping. The rural students participated in poster making competition, campus tour and also watched the movie “I am Kalam”. The idea behind the event was to give them a classroom experience in an elite institute which will inspire them.

After the grand opening ceremony which was held in the afternoon, Mridang witnessed a splendid Santoor performance by Tarun Bhattacharya. This was followed by an elegant Odissi dance performance by Sanchita Bhattacharya. The day ended with Lasya’s group dances. Lasya gave one an opportunity of a lifetime to not only compete, but interact with eminent dancers, and be judged by the best. Students from renowned engineering colleges and B-schools participated in the event.

Mridang Day 2: Cult Icon, Lavanya and much more!!!

The second day at Mridang-2012 was as eventful as the opening day. If Day one captured the attention of the masses by the Guinness record attempt of largest pencil mosaic ever made then Day two offered the candidates a plethora of events to test the waters with their talents.

The flagship event Cult Icon began with much fanfare as eager participants from IIM Indore and outstation battled it out with brilliant performances ranging from music, dance, and mimicry to instrumentals and dramatics in the preliminary round. Around 50 talented Singers performed in the “Dhwani” prelims –The solo singing competition prelims consisting of both eastern and western music themes, of which around 15 made it to the gruelling finals. There were a range of on-the-spot events conducted for the participants like Akriti under which there were T-Shirt designing contest, clay modelling contest, 3D collage making and Rangoli contests. Quizzing aficionados were also engaged with quizzes ranging from Sports quiz to Lone wolf quizzes by team Sutra.

The evening witnessed Tala Vadya- the percussion concert where artists like Mr. Akhilesh Gundecha (Pakhawaj), Mr. Anoop Singh Borliya (Percussion instruments), Mr. Farooque Latif Khan (Sarangi),Mrs. Shraddha Gundecha (Tanpura) performed. It was followed by the most glamorous event “Lavanya”- the fashion show contest where 6 teams battled it out in three rounds. IIM-Indore’s team won the second prize in the event. The last event of the day was Gurus of Rock, the regional rockband competition, the winner of which would compete with the English bands in Distortion, to be held on the last day.

Mridang Day3: Dhwani, Distortion and much more!!

The last day of Mridang commenced in style with the second round of Cult Icon and the finals of the singing competition, Dhwani.

In the second round of Cult Icon, the 8 participants were paired into 4 groups and had to perform 8-10 minutes of “Jugalbandi” i.e. complement each other. It was a non-elimination round however the scores of this round would have 25% weightage in the scores of the final round. In the final round, a participant had to prove that he is the “Cult Icon” by performing for 10 minutes in front of a packed audience. IIM-Indore’s Rahul Jagannathan was adjudged the winner of the event.

Dhwani, the solo singing competition had both eastern and western competitions. Out of the 15 participants which performed in the finale, 10 were for the eastern (Indian) one and 5 were for the western (English) one. The event was indeed a treat to the ears; as everyone had such a melodious voice. The songs for the Eastern competition were soulful and most of them were popular Hindi tracks. The English songs were sung with panache and passion, rarely seen elsewhere.

Apart from that, a heritage talk by Dilip Chinchwalkar held in the afternoon was insightful and gave the audience much awareness about the city of Indore and its rich heritage. In the evening, Mridang hosted the finale of rockband event “Distortion” where the winner of “Gurus of Rock” competed with five English bands for the title in the “Battle of the Bands”. The event ended with a scintillating performance by Ravi Iyer, the former guitarist of Para Vayu.

On the whole, Mridang was exciting, well co-ordinated and in the end, people were left wanting for more!!!





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