“IIM K tries to keep a balance of profiles in every batch” – IIM Kozhikode Media Cell

We brought to you IIM Kozhikode Media Cell to answer your queries on the Group Discussion, Written ability test and Personal Interview of IIM Kozhikode about to happen in the next few days. Although the shortlist isn’t out yet, some of the very common questions were asked on the Interview process, Life at IIM Kozhikode, the batch diversity, and Placement Process.

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Chintan Dand what is the major difference you find in yourself in these 1.5 yrs?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode IIMK provides you an exposure to almost all aspects of management be it through the course curriculum or the extra-curricular activities or the different events at campus.. I have gained more holistic understanding of things at IIMK. I have grown more as an individual. Communication skills and the ability to deal with people has improved in the past 1.5 years at IIMK.


V G How are placement opportunities for 4+ year exp? Can you share some example profile from this year placements?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode For people with 3 or 4 years of work-ex there are many roles in general management and consulting on campus. Some companies have also offered leadership roles in operations and finance.


Akhilesh Singh When can we expect the cut off list for IIM K?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode The stage-1 shortlist is expected by next week.

Akhilesh Singh what is the scenario of international exchange program? Any criteria for that?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode The international exchange program is open to all above a certain CGPA. Usually almost all the people applying for the program get through to one of the partner universities.

Akhilesh Singh Do sabbaticals have an option to sit in placements?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode People on sabbaticals are generally not allowed to sit for placements. It mostly depends on the policies of the organisation that a person comes from.


Ashwin Krithik Hi guys. I have a query regarding the need based scholarships. Is it a waiver on fees provided the family income is below a certain limit? If so what is the limit? And what is the waiver percentage?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode We do have need based scholarships based on annual family income. You can contact the admissions office for details regarding the same.

Ashwin Krithik Is there a deferred placement option at K?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode In case you choose to start your own venture, then you can defer you final placements. However, you still have to appear for the summer’s process.

Ashwin Krithik Are there any blogs written by iimk students about life at K? Can you provide the links for the same if possible?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode Link to the official IIMK blog.

Ashwin Krithik Is there any particular quality the panel will look for in the PI? Strong acads type or any particular trait to see if the candidate will fit in at K?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode Panelists generally look for candidates who have strong conceptual knowledge of their undergrad subjects. In case you have work-ex, you need to be well versed with your sector and job responsibilities.

Ashwin Krithik Also, what was the minimum experience to be eligible for laterals last year?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode We cannot reveal information related to laterals process on this forum.

Ashwin Krithik Will we be assigned to mentors once we get the call?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode Mentors will be assigned to those who get calls at Stage-2 i.e WAT/GD-PI.


Vasudeva Krishnan Does Kozhikode give a higher weight-age for people with more work-ex?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode IIMK allots marks on the basis of number of months of work-ex. Please refer to the policy doc here.


Sushil Bharpure When do we get to choose the area of specialization?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode There is no concept of specialization at IIMK. You can choose subjects of your choice in the second year.


Suraj Chaudhary I read somewhere that IIM-Kozhikode has its own cricket and football league? Is it true?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode Yes we have cricket and football leagues on campus. Basketball league also started this year


Rs Shrm Just wanted your remarks on the culture of the college, pedagogy, or anything that stands out in your mind as the greatest thing about IIMK.

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode The best thing about IIMK is the great amount of diversity and peer learning present on campus. Beyond the normal MBA curriculum, we have subjects such as ‘social transformation of India’, ‘cinema and society’, ‘globalisation and culture’ that provide a truly global outlook.

Rs Shrm So do you find the classroom to be a place of open discussion? Or is the teaching mainly done as lectures?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode Professors at IIMK are more like facilitators. Most of the learning happens through class participation, case study discussions and live projects. Students generally take up live projects with companies in order to get a feel of challenges in the industry and how they can apply the knowledge gained from classrooms to solve real world problems


Sachin Sanjeevan What is the difference between Kochi campus and Kozhikode campus and what is the placement scenario of IIM K?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode IIM Kochi campus is mainly dedicated for the executive MBA program.


Horsemandeath Every IIM has its own student criteria which is sort of hard to decipher. What does IIM K typically look for in a prospective applicant?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode IIMK tries to keep a balance of profiles in every batch. Primarily, they look for people who have a good amount of knowledge regarding current affairs, their work-ex sector, interests and background in general.

Horsemandeath Am I right in assuming that IIM K no longer has a GD round as part of its selection process?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode IIMK had GD last year

Horsemandeath Will a gap year reflect negatively on ones candidature?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode You should have good reasons to back it up. It won’t reflect negatively on your candidature.


Pruthvish Thakkalapally How is the placement scenario for freshers at IIM K? Do we need to work a lot harder to get into good positions?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode Placement scenario is great for freshers at IIMK. Most of the freshers at IIMK have landed great roles in sales & marketing and finance domains.

Pruthvish Thakkalapally Is there anything specific that we need to know about the PI of IIMK?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode PI is generally for around 30-40 min and revolves around your career goals, work-ex, acads and current affairs.There is nothing specific but be well versed with current affairs, your graduation subjects and whatever you write in the application form(which you are required to fill after stage2 shortlist).

Pruthvish Thakkalapally how deep would the interview panelists go into your grad subjects? I am a fresher.

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode If you are a fresher, then panelists can grill you on your graduation subjects. Be prepared with a couple of favorite subjects.


Buddharatn Ratawal I have 3 years of work-ex in analytics. I want to switch to marketing. Any thoughts?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode IIMK provides equal opportunities to students for all roles during the placements. Your experience at analytics might prove useful in market research type roles. Some companies offer brand management roles for which they want people with prior work-ex. There are quite a few people with 3 yrs of work-ex who have secured jobs in marketing so shouldn’t be a problem for you.


Anish Surana Its in news that IIMK will mentor the new IIM at Punjab. Could you throw some light on what all is included in mentoring. Does it include curriculum, faculty, etc?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode The decision regarding mentoring IIM Punjab has been taken in recent HRD meeting. The details are yet to be finalized.


Freida Alvares Could you kindly elaborate what we would be required to update in the Stage 1 shortlist, which would further narrow our profile for the Stage 2 shortlist?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode You will be informed regarding the same when the shortlist out. In the Stage-1 form you would need to fill basic academic and work-ex details.


Amit Dhatterwal Hi on 31st January my work ex will be 1 day short of 13 months. Will they take it 13 month or 12

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode It would be taken as 13 months


Sarah Gupta Are the freshers able to get front-end roles in finance companies in summer /final placements?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode There are ample opportunities for freshers on campus. The exact details regarding the roles on campus can’t be revealed on this forum. Yes there are many freshers who have got front-end roles in the banking sector.

Sarah Gupta Is CAT percentile used as a parameter for shortlisting candidates by companies for summer placements? Or is it solely on the basis of past profile?

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode CAT percentile is not revealed to the recruiters. Its mostly based on your academic and work-ex background.


Shantesh Verma Is Matthew Sir still there at IIMK? He was there in my interview panel 2 yrs back. Wish to see him again. 

Media Cell IIM Kozhikode Yes, Matthew sir is still at IIMK .


Media Cell IIM Kozhikode It is strongly recommended for candidates to be prepared on current affairs, macroeconomic conditions, work-ex sector and basic knowledge of state of residence & origin.

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