IIM Kashipur – The Journey Of Dreams


A summer night, on a busy train

Returning from four years of engineering’s reign.

A beep, a click, and an email I get

The brand called IIM for me is set.

Achievement and joy and feeling insane

A sense of tranquillity quivers through my vein.

A call back home, and a call to love

Hard work pays with destiny above.


And as I gaze through the dark night’s moor

Here I come, IIM Kashipur!



Bags all packed, and ready to leave

The blessing and love of family I perceive.

And as another train takes me to Kashipur

Branded IIM for life you are Monsieur!


The halt arrives at a place unknown,

Un-boarding with dreams a billion I borne

For years now to see them come true

IIM Kashipur is my chance for success to brew.

The pink building, and the full lush green,

The plush rooms and new friends unseen,

From north to south India is here,

A new journey begins to shun all fear.

The classes with their knowledge and mirth

Scary are the assignments and book’s girth

Load of books and work is to be done

But what is IIM Kashipur without some fun.

The classrooms where the lessons are learned,

The dinning hall where the friends are earned,

The case reads when sleep stays awake,

And the once in a while noodles we bake,

In borrowed pots and glasses full

Work hard, party harder is the only rule.

Where teachers are gurus and friends are guides

Where the best of India’s knowledge resides

Where classes are India in the making

At our beat tomorrow’s businesses will be shaking

Where we all learn to stretch a day

To fit as much as we may

And melding eco stats maths and laughter

Finance marketing and operations are still left after

The day is done and the sun is set

Where my success will surely be met.


Leader of the future world we are

I am IIM Kashipur, the rising star.

Roop Pratim Datta

Roop Pratim Datta is a senior year student in the PGP program of IIM Kashipur. He is a financial math-stat enthusiast with a taste for heavy metal music. He can be reached at roop.pgp16035@iimkashipur.ac.in