Should IIM Kozhikode Boycott Facebook As Well?

One of the things many b-school professors say, including one who incidentally now teaches at IIM K, is that it’s the educated that really needs to be educated. We can defend the right to freedom of speech of film-makers and artists to death. But the moment we are confronted with the same question on our own choices, we lose all objectivity.

So a disgruntled sportsman from IIM B wrote an article about how he felt Sangram was mismanaged this year by hosts, IIM K. Pretty standard stuff right? It’s not for the first time in the history of sports that someone has felt cheated and written about it. Even the Bangladesh Cricket team has complained about India’s authorities showing bias in big tournaments. Indian cricket team, in turn, has complained about Australia. This happens every single day on the football pitch during the Premier League.

But now the media committee of IIM K has been building pressure on us for taking down the article written around the incident and threatening to boycott the platform. A possible ramification of this boycott could also be that the students of IIM K who intern with us might be asked to resign by their Media Committees.* Makes one wonder whose loss would that be, except the IIM K student team members’, who will have to bow down to mob pressure.

We are so easily offended. If a man has given his version of events and made judgements on them that you disagree, engage him in a debate. Why ask for a takedown of that opinion. What sort of society do we live in where we want any opinion that we disagree with to be taken down, rather than engaged with? And what’s with banning the platform where the opinion has been shared?

Tomorrow if you dislike something on Facebook, will you boycott Facebook? Here is a sample of memes circulating on WhatsApp which IIM K guys have created for their IIM B brethren.

Now should IIM B boycott Whatsapp for it?

To the Media Committee at IIM K – People don’t come to InsideIIM because we beg/pay/plead them to. They come because they think there is content here that is worthwhile for their studies and their careers. Go ahead and enforce a boycott on your campus. How will you stop a student from accessing the portal when he needs help?

To the Student Community at IIM K – Come together to take down poverty or hunger or apathy. This cause of taking down a small website, a lone writer, a measly article is just not worth your time. You must have done some great work in School, College and Workplace to get to IIM K. Now don’t waste that precious talent in being part of a mindless mob. Also, even if your media committee ‘boycotts’ InsideIIM, you guys are always welcome here. We promise we won’t tell them, lest they boycott you as well.

To the Author – Don’t get bogged down by pressure. None of these guys are going to determine your future. But if you show courage, tomorrow the people who are dissing you will reach out to you for collaborations and gigs. Because a boycott is easy, cheap, commonplace today. Courage isn’t.


*This article was edited on 24th November 1:27 pm.

Team InsideIIM

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Azhakusundhareswaran Kumarasamy

Just because you guys are getting more publicity out of adding the oil to the fire doesn’t mean people will believe that you stand for the right. I’m for sure you guys back at Inside IIM learnt your Marketing Strategy right, back at your B-Schools. But, it will be great if you stop trying to get an enmity between the two IIMs. There won’t be any InsideIIM without an IIM in it!

Team Insideiim

How are we creating an enmity between two schools? We weren’t even there when this happened. And we didn’t make calls to anyone threatening ‘boycott’ and alleging conspiracy. Go back and think about what would have been a mature response to a story written by one IIM Bangalore student. 15 IIM K students commenting on InsideIIM, tens on Facebook – should have either ignored or just come together to give a side in one article. However, you have decided to create an issue where there was none. It is very similar to fringe groups trying get a movie banned because it hurts their sentiments. Also, the way we see it this isn’t about enmity between two schools here (pretty sure most of IIM B hardly cares about what’s going on) – this is about IIM Kozhikode students’ aggressive push to censor and get a story down. Try doing this on FB or Twitter for every supposedly anti-IIMK post.

sumit jha

Wonderful cry baby story! 😀
For a matter of fact, simply quoting something to be a fact, does not make it a fact.
@TeamInsideIIM: Too much of focus on short term hits. Little focus on brand building.
I am sure your team has potential of doing much better than this.

Team Insideiim

Actually this story is about a cry baby that wanted an article taken down – name of that cry baby is IIM Kozhikode’s students (handful)/media committee. If Amol’s story was nonsense then why didn’t you just ignore it? Or why didn’t you come up with a more dignified reply in the form of a 300-400 word stand? Why are your sentiments so delicate? We will take your feedback on brand building seriously. However, we do believe that taking down the story would have had a far bigger negative impact on our brand in the long run. is not run to please media committees of IIMs. It is a platform for expression and for peer learning. It will continue to be so.

Garimaya Gaur

“A possible ramification of this boycott could also be that the students of IIM K who intern with us might be asked to resign. Makes one wonder whose loss would that be, except the IIM K student team members’, who will have to bow down to mob pressure”

Who is threatening whom? Wait! What!!

Team Insideiim

Don’t misunderstand dear Garimaya – we aren’t asking anyone to resign. We love working with our two IIM K student team members. Its the call for boycott by the IIM K students and media committee that may force them to resign. Not us. We would love them to continue and complete their internship with us.

Sutanu Chattopadhyay

It sounded so much like a threat. And you realize we can write an article regarding this saying that for a single rant InsideIIM threatens colleges.(freedom of speech ). And that may actually put you in a negative light without you deserving any of that. Carrying forward, a lot of buzz can be created.
And by what you actually believe in ( the things you posted )I can be really courageous without even properly knowing what you meant, or considering other factors. Because by something I read recently definition, I think courage is all about ranting without validating facts and creating a BUZZ!
Getting the drift ?
P.S. You are public domain. Please be careful with your language.

Sutanu Chattopadhyay

Not against anyone, but just sharing another perspective that a wrong post hurts sentiment of people. all of us should be careful not to encourage such posts and should take action against them (keeping in mind that there is freedom of speech for all)

Team Insideiim

Thanks for your feedback @Vibhore – We will keep that in mind in the future.

Team Insideiim

@Sutanu – Don’t over intellectualise. Please go ahead and create a ‘buzz’ over this ‘misunderstanding’.

Vibhore Sharma

The reply of insideIIM seems so childish.. Hope youngrow up soon!! Lost respect by the way you have been replying to comments..

aravinth t

To both the IIM K and IIM B student community let’s just move on. The purpose of Sangram was not just to determine the winners but rather to build a bond of friendship. I was the sports secretary of IIM K during Sangram 16 were we lost to IIM B. Yes it was tough, acepting defeat was not easy but the bonds and friendship that was forged during the heat of the battle was worth it. I’m sure Paldeep (IIM B sports sec during Sangram 16) will agree. See these are just small things in life but once you move outside the closed enclosures of your respective campus you will realize that the only thing that actually matters is bond that you have made during the course of 2 years. Whether you have won Sangram or not doesn’t matter, sure it might hurt your pride a bit but then that’s it. It’s not going to help you in anyway. Let go of all this hatred and lets all work together towards a better future.

Priyanshu Mani

excellent stand taken by insideiim! Thank you for doing this…..the whole system of B schools is incapable of taking criticism, and they think quelling voices or suppressing bad news is good PR. They forget that opposing voices are one of the best mechanism for feedback, which is so crucial in build a great organization through introspection.


Exactly! This fiasco clearly highlight how much of the brand IIM students intend to take on in their lives. The brand becomes who they are and when someone says something about the brand it becomes personal. That’s because in India brand (IIT or IIM) defines a person rather than a person defining a brand. It’s almost hilarious how IIT/IIM guys almost always seem to blurt out that they are from one! (Not generalizing but whoever I have met has always told me in the first meet itself that they are from an IIT/IIM – kind of like ” When I was in Lucknow – Lucknow but where – He smiles and says IIM lucknow. Again another one – “Our course curricullum was so difficult (When we were talking about cricket that guy somehow manages to tell me that he could not watch cricket that much because his course curricullum was so tough he didnt get time) and then when I asked why – He says IIT Delhi has the most difficult course curricullum. Dear guys you need not tell me if you are from an IIM or an IIT – I will get to know talking to you and if I don’t it’s better you don’t even tell me 🙂 )

Parth Shekhar

You have been there! With that feeling after a failure where you had to evaluate and change yourself for the better wishing you had someone to give you the ‘right’ advice. If you are there now, this article is for you. If not, be that someone and share the article with whoever is in need of advice. (There will be many after the recent exam results.)

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