IIM Kozhikode hosts ‘SANGAM 2014’, the annual alumni meet!

“I can trade all my tomorrows, for a single yesterday.”

–          Kris Kristofferson

IIM Kozhikode, popularly known as ‘God’s Own Kampus’ is well-known for its unique pedagogy and training structure that not only moulds students into worthy managers of tomorrow, but also ensures that they become responsible citizens of the country. The institute is proud of its rich alumni base of more than 4000 students spread across its 16 batches of PGP, E-PGP and FPM students. IIMK organizes myriad activities for the benefit of the existing students as well as its alumni who have the constant yearning to re-live their ‘K’ days.

The Alumni Committee of IIMK, popularly called the ‘Alcom’, acts as the bridge between the past and the future. ‘Alcom’ successfully hosted its flagship event ‘SANGAM 2014’- the annual global get-together of the alumni and current batches of the Institute in May 2014.  Considering that the institute’s alumni are widely dispersed across the globe, ‘SANGAM 2014’, was held in 7 national and 4 international locations including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Dubai, London, New York & Singapore and was conducted over a span of two weeks that commenced from 10th May with its concluding leg scheduled on 24th May in Kolkata.

Sangam at Delhi!


SANGAM, as the name suggests, is the reunion of batches with the sole purpose of learning from shared experiences. Like every year, this year too a dedicated theme had been selected around which the entire programme proceeded. The theme hovered around The entrepreneurial spirit of the budding ’K’omrades’ who have carved a niche for themselves in diverse disciplines. SANGAM is primarily intended to bring the alumni in contact with present students and facilitate healthy interactions with them who have ‘been there, done that’. This gives them better insights into how dreams transpire into reality. On the other hand, it proves to be an ideal opportunity for the alumni to take time out of their busy schedules, break away from the cocoons of their corporate lives over an evening of fun & laughter, renew old bonds, foster new ties and relive those magical two years they had at the ‘K’ampus. In an endeavour to strengthen the ties with the entire IIM fraternity, the international locations witnessed guests from the pan IIM Community, thereby, living up to its motto of Globalizing Indian Thought’.

A few dignitaries (most of who are successful entrepreneurs), who graced the occasion are as follows:

–          Mr. Deepak Mehra, Commercial Bank of Dubai (Dubai)

–          Mr. Ramesh Mahalingam, Ideal Management Consultants (Dubai)

–          Mr. Hitesh Bhagia, Homeveda.com (Delhi)

–          Mr. Sahil Jain, Dineout (Delhi)

–          Mr. Revant Bhate, Faasos (Mumbai)

–          Mr. Manish Harodia, 6pi Consultants (Mumbai)

–          Mr. Rohit Koshy, White Label Merchandising Private Limited/Learnbiz Simulations LLP (Bengaluru)

–          Mr. Manoj Agrawal, giftxoxo.com (Bengaluru)

The Dubai chapter witnessed guests from the PAN IIM Community settled in the Middle East. Some of the distinguished guests from the PAN IIM community were Nita Mathur and Suresh Nanda, who spoke about ‘Savera’, an NGO run by IIM Alumni. Eminent industry experts present in the gathering spoke on issues such as ‘Transcending from Management to Leadership’ & ‘The potential Dubai holds as a gateway of wealth in present times‘. The discourse delivered by notable alumni was highly appreciated by the gathering.

‘SANGAM 2014’ truly lived up to its expectation and brought together alums from various batches, all reminiscing about their time in IIMK. It provided an ideal opportunity for the present and the past batches to interact with each other and learn from shared experiences. The event was a wonderful celebration of the memories of IIM Kozhikode and was also a great opportunity for the present students to network with the alums and exchange contacts.

Apart from having such reunions regularly, the IIM Kozhikode fraternity believes in strengthening ties with the esteemed alumni by organizing activities like inviting talented alumni to address the students at Kampus, guiding budding entrepreneurs for their future endeavours et al.

A sneak peak ahead – Nostalgia 2015, a celebration of the 10th anniversary of PGP07. (January 2015)

This article has been written by the Media Cell of IIM Kozhikode. For further details please contact us at media@iimk.ac.in