IIM Lucknow Interview Experience – Utkarsh Goklani


Mirador Hotel, Mumbai (12th February, 2016)

Profile: Xth: 93.4%; XIIth: 91%; Grad: 8.36; Work experience of 34 months at Credit Suisse, Powai; CAT: 99.62

Barely lasted for 8–10 minutes.

There were 2 panellists. P1, a genial lady professor; P2 quite sleepy male professor.

P1: So Utkarsh, tell us something about yourself?

I: *nothing new here, told about my work profile, graduation, hobbies etc.*

P1: Elaborate a bit on *project from my work-ex*.

I: *done*.

P1 (looking at my form, seeing CFA L2): What is Sharpe ratio?

I: *explained*

P1: What is Capital Asset Pricing Model?

I: *answered*

P1: What is Beta? How is it calculated?

I: *explained*

P1: Can Beta be negative?

I: *explained tentatively*

P1: Ok dear, what is Treynor ratio?

I: Sorry ma’am, can’t recall at this point of time.

P1: Ok, what other calls you have?

I: Ma’am, ABC.

P1: How was your interview experience of IIM-A?

I (smiling sheepishly): Ma’am, as it was my first interview, I myself am not sure what to make of it.

P1(smiles, looks at P2): Sir, do you have any questions?

*drum roll* *P2 wakes up from his deep slumber, looks at me wearily*

With a definitive sideways nod, signals towards the toffee bowl and dozes off again.

P1 and I share a smile and I walk out with my candy.

Verdict: Converted

Note: This article is a reproduction of an answer which first appeared on Quora.

Utkarsh Goklani

Global Ecomomics at Credit Suisse