IIM Lucknow WAT PI Experience – Shoaib Khan

IIM L WAT PI Experience
Mumbai center
14 Feb
There I was, in panel 6.
WAT topic: The government has no business in running businesses.

Panel had 2 faculties P1 sir from Operations and P2 ma’am from communication

P1: What others are saying about this panel
P1: Are you not sociable?
P1: Why are you not taking work experience? Do MBA after two years
P1: It would be better if u did engineering and took work ex at least u understand study easily
P2: There are institutes like Indian statistics institute which is more related to your field
P1: We are appreciating your decision to come in this field but it will be better if u have work ex. Do job in bank for 2 yrs and then come
P2: No, we are not underestimating you. In fact, you wrote a good essay and even we were biased towards you.
P2: But why do you have poor acads?
P1: We understand it is difficult to score good marks in correspondence course
P2: No I don’t think you are not able. You will get placed
P2: Do you read books? Which Indian author won man booker prize?
P2: It’s okay if you did not read any Indian author but you must know who won man booker prize?
P2: Okay what about Grammy awards
P2: Who is Adele?
P2: Do you listen to her?
OK thank you and keep fighting
(I feel they politely rejected me. In my panel, I know the background of just two students they both were from IITs. And in panel 7, one student had completed one year of MBA from JBIMS. So I feel their profile is much better.