IIM Lucknows Expectation From The Union Budget 2016

B-school students of 8 campuses across India participated  as part of new series of InsideIIM– ‘Expectations From Budget 2016’ in association with CNBC TV-18.

The following article contains  excerpts of a student from IIM Lucknow –

Raghav Arora-

I think that the expectations of young India and what the Indian government should do in this year’s budget are interlinked and if we are able to answer one, the second will automatically be answered. The 3 major issues that are worth watching in this year’s budget are as follows-

1-Fiscal target- Will the government be able to achieve its fiscal target? And if so, what are the factors that will help achieve it? Will it be because of the fiscal discipline or because of the international commodity prices trading at a record low? Does the government have any second plan to ensure that it meets the next year’s fiscal target irrespective of international commodity prices?



2-Make in India- How to make the ‘Make in India’ campaign successful? Is it sufficient to invite foreign capital or we have to make some structural changes? For example, how to ensure that the steel and manufacturing industry thrives in India irrespective of Chinese imports?

3-Bad loans- How to tackle the problem of bad loans? And how to ensure that this problem does not arise in future. If we are able to answer these 3, I think we predominantly meet the expectations of Young India which are startup culture, higher emploment and safe saving environment.

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