IIM Lucknow’s Marketing Research Fest – INDEX’17

In continuation to the saga of excelling over the bars of Market Research, INDEX’17, IIM Lucknow’s annual MR fest (INDEX – the acronym for Information through Disguised Experimentation) added another chapter to its glorifying history of exhilarating and intellectual notions. Held in the heart of the city at Wave Mall, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, the fest sparked the zeal of participation from the residents of Lucknow, and also delivered the requisite understating of behaviour through their intended disguised experimentations. The 23rd edition of the fest incorporated a whole plethora of competitions, activities, games and performances, both from the students of IIM Lucknow and the participants from numerous demographic profiles.

INDEX’s main motive has always been to capture the subconscious thoughts of the consumers through its simulations on Marketing Research, precisely designed games, and pre-created environments. The same not only helps in removing the sensitisation effect of its participants (which corresponds to changes in the output behaviour or biased answers), but also helps in collaborating a better and more significant indulgence of the public.

Pre-fest weeks were indulged in assigning projects to the different Marketing Research groups of IIM Lucknow. The groups (or teams) were given numerous and diverse sets of case studies. These case studies ranged from multiple industries to companies to sectors. The primary idea of these projects was to deliver solutions, combined with innovative ideas, estimates and predictions to tackle the problem. These projects formed the foundations of INDEX, which incorporated the biggies from the FMCG companies, the steel sector, chemical industry and et cetera.

Post the projects, the flagship event of Market Research fest was unfolded on November 12th. With the day progressing, events such as Lucknow Idol, the singing competition kicked in. Accompanied by that, group singing performances also carried away the second half of the day. Footloose rendered the perfect stage to the dancers for showcasing their groovy moves and skills. Numerous colleges such as the Lucknow University, Amity University and BBD College participated in the Nukkad Natak. The drama-based performances targeted the social atrocities, combined with the behaviour of the consumers towards various social issues. Additionally, Radio Mirchi artists judged the event, RJ Hunt.

The evening was captured by the performances of IIM Lucknow’s students. The dance club Random Walk swayed the audience with its swift and lively dance performances. Further, a tinge of awareness and humour was added by Abhivyakti (the Dramatics Club) through its drama and stage shows. Also, 3.4 (the band of IIM Lucknow) showered the mesmerising beats and hit the chords for a sublimely stunning show. Sahitya Adda rendered the beautiful evening with an entwinement of poetry and music.

Above all, the Marketing Research fest turned out to be creatively more prominent, experimentally better and inclusively larger (concerning footfall) as compared to its previous editions. The weeks of brainstorming sessions and projects finally turned out to be a significant success, with aggrandized applauses from the audiences and the participants. The INDEX Committee of IIM Lucknow invites the MBA aspirants and the Lucknowites for reviews so that the event can be uplifted to more commendable levels in the years to come.

Devanshu .

Devanshu is currently pursuing his MBA from IIM Lucknow.