IIM Raipur – The Antilla Of 400+ Brilliant Minds

It was on June 7, 2018, when I had just landed in Raipur, my expectations rose high about the campus where I had to Put up for the next two important years of my life. It is a dream for every MBA aspirant(Or at least me!!) to get into one of the IIM’s which are now the Institute of National Importance as mentioned in the new “IIM Bill” that was passed in the parliament a year ago. It was a dream came true when I received a mail from the admission office of IIM Raipur that I was offered an admission. I had my registration on June 8, 2018.

On the day of my registration, I reached IIM Raipur campus and found the most unique aspect of IIM Raipur. It was that IIM Raipur shared its campus amongst two other important institutes of Chhattisgarh state-Indian Institute of Technology, Bhilai and Government Engineering College, Raipur within the same compound. I felt like I was inside a Knowledge Hub with two institutes of national importance in the same place.

The next unique thing I found about my campus was that IIM Raipur had every aspect of a residential business school functioning in a single building with four floors.We, at IIM Raipur, have our Classrooms,Laboratories along with the administrative offices in the first floor of the building, A library with 3,00,000 books, functioning in the Ground floor, Accommodation-Hostels and Dining for the students in the basement and second floor, A 24*7 Cafeteria in the basement, Two ATM’s and hell yeah! We have a multi-utility Badminton Court in the basement of a Single building. We even have a Lobby which is big enough to conduct meetings and Cultural events, in the same building. In fact, we have successfully Celebrated “EID” festival in the very own lobby of the building.

Probably, IIM Raipur is the Only IIM to accommodate 400+ brilliant minds of the country in a single building with all the necessary aspects of a residential b-school. Hence, I take pride in mentioning IIM Raipur as “THE ANTILIA” of 400+ smartest minds of India.IIM Raipur is a perfect example of a perfect management institute, as it has been managing every activity with the limited resources available since its inception in 2010.

It feels heartbreaking for me as I write this article, and when I came to know that IIM Raipur has its own permanent campus under construction somewhere around 35 Kilometres from the present campus and our batch of students will be moving to the new campus as soon as possible (At least the college management hopes so……).If the transition is about to happen, then our batch will have the privilege of experiencing two years of management education in two different campuses.

Not only is the temporary campus unique, but also the new permanent campus is unique in its own ways. Upon its completion, IIM Raipur’s new campus will be one of the biggest among all the IIM’s. The new campus expands to a humongous 220 acres at a cost of about 300 crores. The hostels of the new campus are equipped with the Radiant cooling system, which to my knowledge is unique amongst other IIM’s and also we will be having our own Management Development Centre inside the new campus.

Life is full of extremes. But only some of us get the opportunity to experience the extremes of life. We, as the students of IIM Raipur are excited about experiencing the two extremes of our postgraduate career-The transition from a decade old single building to one of the biggest campuses, which makes not only our campus unique but also our entire batch of students unique………


“ULTRA TECH CEMENTS” is the Aditya Birla Group Company I would like to work with.

The reason is that ultra-tech cement is the largest cement industry in the country with a profit of about 6000 crores in a year. The kind of exposure that one will get from such a big company is highly valuable and life-changing. I always had an inclination towards Operations management during my under graduation as a Mechanical Engineer. Also, I had prior work experience of a year in the construction industry where I have developed the interest in the manufacturing process involved in producing various construction materials.

Pursuing operations Management career in such a big cement industry/plant will be dream come true for me.

AZHAGARASAN T is a First year student at IIM Raipur.