IIM Raipur – It’s Unique In Its Own Way

When joining in a B-School every aspirant will be looking for the infrastructure, specialities, achievements, faculties of the college. I also googled about these features of different IIM’s. Even though most of the New IIM’s ranked on a similar ground on these features I chose IIM Raipur over other new IIM’s. It’s not just the ranking of the Institute for which I chose IIM Raipur. There are various other reasons which make my campus unique which I will be discussing in the following article.

All in one Campus:

Being a student, staying up late night to complete your work and waking up late in the morning is a usual thing in an MBA life. But missing the classes due to the being late and losing a grade because of the lack of attendance is not what everyone wants. While in other institutes it takes you either a half kilometre walk from the classroom or half hour bus journey to reach the institute from the hostel. Whereas in IIM Raipur even if you wake up 15 minutes prior to class, you can gear up, have your breakfast and be in class on time every time as the classroom, mess and hostels are in the same building block which will make your life much much better.

Kiss of Nature:

Green plants are the lungs of the city. Naya Raipur is one of the best planned smart cities in India and the first greenfield smart city of India by allotting 27% of the land exclusively for greenery and afforestation. My campus is surrounded by the green paddy fields in the back and colourful flowers with butterflies flying around them attracted by its sweet aroma in its sides and well-grown trees in the front. A walk around the campus itself will act as stress remover and mind rejuvenation for the students from the stressful life of MBA.

Other features:

Of course IIM Raipur has the best faculty in the country for various streams like Marketing, HR, Finance etc, State of the Art library with both books and Online journals, publications to do our research, its students winning in events all around the country, all the basic amenities surrounding the campus itself and lot of trekking and hangout places in and around Raipur to spend the weekends if in case you are free. Besides these IIM Raipur has all the features, advantages, academia in par with other new IIM’s.

So my advice to the aspirants will be to not to choose a campus just by its ranking but by the other factors which will make your two years of MBA a really blissful and memorable part of your life.



I would want to work for…


I would like to work for Aditya Birla Retail Limited. All the things we produce can be classified into two types. First is the one which we use directly in our day to day life and forms part of the necessary cycle. The second one is the things which sophisticate our life to make us more comfortable. Comfort is not an option for everyone. Bthe ut necessity of food, clothing, hygiene and health is necessary for everyone right from the lower class to upper class. So I would like to be a part of such sector whose demand will never decrease, make my career in it and work for the necessity of the people.


Ashiq SJ – is a 2nd year student at IIM Raipur