IIM Rohtak – More Than Just A B-School

I still vividly remember that day, about a year ago, I alighted from Rajdhani Express and took a cab from New Delhi directly to IIM Rohtak. Much to my surprise, I landed up in 200 acres of barren land under construction. Before my mind could have taken a ride of weird thoughts, I realized that mistakenly I have landed up in the to-be new campus of IIM Rohtak. Just a year later, I am sitting in my cosy and comfortable hostel and writing this article. I am startled at the pace at which this piece of land has been transformed from a site under construction to a hub incubating future leaders.

After spending a year in an environment where one needs to constantly strive for excellence, I have realized that there are a few factors (like Classroom Learning, Peer Learning, Supportive Infrastructure and Extracurricular Exposure makes IIM Rohtak stand apart) that helps in enhancing your abilities and making you a better person ever single day. Though I always considered that the academic enrichment is very important, the enrichment in my personality and the clarity of the thought process is something that got ingrained in me in this Campus.

I have shared classrooms with CAs and CFAs, with freshers and with professionals having 5+ yrs of Work Ex, with Stand-Up artists to National level sports players. The extent of different perspectives which comes into the class discussions and then the thought process which goes in to come up with a solution, teaches me much more than any book ever can.

When it comes to supportive infrastructure, we not only have the infrastructure provided by college (like 24X7 open Library with subscription to top journals, Seminar Halls, IT Rooms, well-furnished Hostels and many more…) but also the students have taken a step forward to open student driven and manged STORE, that very well understands and fulfils student’s requirements (Stationery, Confectioneries, Cosmetics, and other essentials as well as a CAFE).

With 13 Clubs and 11 Committees the institute supports and promotes the interest of every individual to practice anything which a student is passionate about. This has resulted in outstanding performance of the students in various competitions at national level and bagging PPOs and PPIs.

This Uniqueness of my campus has resulted into people trusting the brand and resulted into influx of diverse mix of students to the institute. The new batch includes a sub-lieutenant in the Indian navy, the captain of the under-19 cricket team, and a physicist from DRDO. In terms of diversity we have representation of 20 states;123 out of 242 are female.