IIM Rohtak – The Kathor World

There is nothing quantitative on the clock for which one can say that this is when the day at IIM Rohtak begins. The regular morning transforms into night and the night turns into another morning, and this cycle continues. The concept of days stops existing here. But it is this rigorous schedule and the very energy and passion in the air that makes life such an adventurous ride at IIM Rohtak.

Classes begin ideally at 8:45 in the morning and can stretch up till 10 in the night, for the professors and the kathors (students). In between the classes, during the breaks, one would usually find the students either making up for the missed meal, or in the library trying to catch up on the events around the globe. The library and Academic block gives you access to the world class journals, research papers and latest happenings in the business environment from the greatest academicians and business people in the world. Once the classes get over, that’s when the interesting kathor life at IIM Rohtak begins.

Sharing a cup of tea with your fellow kathors at the Chandan Bhai’s outlet at hostel, the excitement of watching football and cricket matches, late night hot maggi sessions and lots of fun sessions and activities that bring the entire campus to life even at 2 am in the morning. Moments like these are what make the kathor life exhilarating and memorable at IIM Rohtak.

The concept of not having time but making time couldn’t be more real, as it happens here in this, so called kathor world.

In between the pile of assignments, submissions and group projects, one has to indeed spare time to catch a breath and to have a look at the beauty of the entire campus. There would be days when you would be woken up by the chirping sound of the birds on the trees outside your window and go into the bed looking in solitude at the beautiful sky. If that isn’t enough for de-stressing one could always share a game of badminton or TT.

At IIM Rohtak, one just doesn’t come for developing his management acumen, a lot more keeps happening here. Mistakes are made, lessons learnt, friends for life are made, happiness is shared, relationships are forged, emotions are expressed and there is more to be experienced than expressed.

Life is a game, we play it;

Life is a challenge, we meet it;

Life is an opportunity, we absorb it.


ABG Company – Idea Cellular Limited

The Telecommunications industry is an exciting place where the latest advents in technology meets the day to day life of every human on the planet. The quest to be global leader and to provide quality services to the customers, keeps Idea ahead of their of rivals. To be third largest player in the industry is a testament of its sheer dynamism.

Idea Cellular limited brings with it a unique blend of combinations, flexibility in its services and robustness in its operations, which plays a pivotal role. To, be part of the company, to enhance my development along the lines of it, would be a dream come true.