IIM Rohtak Salutes The Spirit Of The Indian Soldiers On The Occasion Of 71st Independence Day

The diverse culture of our nation was splendidly displayed by the students of IIM Rohtak on the occasion of 71St Independence Day. Students from more than 20 states came together and saluted the sacrifice made by the true heroes of our nation for the freedom struggle.

The event began with the unfurling of the national flag by Prof. Dheeraj Sharma, Director, IIM Rohtak. Prof. Sharma then addressed the students and emphasised on the fact that IIM Rohtak not only takes pride in its analytical approach but also boasts of a rich cultural diversity. He highlighted the meaning of Independence by relating ittoh the concept of legitimacy. He added that “In earlier times legitimacy came through lineage and that was considered the only way to express patriotism. However, today legitimacy can be garnered through 4 ways which are positional legitimacy, referential legitimacy, historical legitimacy and expertise. So, whenever each of us is in a commanding position, we should try to be as legitimate as possible.”

The air of patriotism could be sensed in the IIM premises right from the morning. Firstly, a bike rally was organised by the young management professionals for the solidarity of our nation. It was followed by many cultural events organised by the students which included a dance, a singing and a flute performance followed by a nukkad natak.

A special dedication was made by the students for the army personnel too wherein students took their palm imprints and shared their personalised messages for the real heroes of our nation who sacrifice their sweat and blood for our nation’s peace and security.