IIM Rohtak – A Sea Of Opportunities

When I stare back into my life, I find that the last one year has brought me unique experiences, unique opportunities, and unique learnings, and most of that is because of my campus, which is unique in itself, and I’m proud of it.

I belong to IIM Rohtak, which is the first IIM in North India, and the only IIM in the NCR region. Isn’t these enough to make it unique than other campuses? If not, there is much more in my list.

: Sea of opportunities

I get extremely awestruck when I ponder upon the quantum of opportunities which I got here in one year. The students get a plethora of options to showcase their skills – The academic curriculum provides a platform for students to showcase their intelligence; the committees and clubs give overall industry experience to them; various live projects, guest lectures, and workshops provide them with the required managerial skills. Not to forget, the companies which visit the campus, offer great profiles to the students.

I would focus more on the opportunities related to Corporate Competitions, which have taught me more than anything else in last one year. I assume myself lucky to be a part of this campus, which in its initial years only, has earned a good name in the realm of corporate competitions. I got massive support from my seniors and I’m fortunate to have got such helpful peers who have taught me a lot in every domain. There’s a dedicated Competition Cell (another unique thing) in the institute which prepares the students to excel in various corporate events, and after a great run in the Corporate Circuit, I can say for sure that they are fulfilling their duties to the greatest of extent.

Not only these, but there are many other extra-curricular activities which take place in the campus all-round the year. These events and activities provide the students with a platform to showcase their talent. We have Infusion (annual Cultural- Management- Sports fest), Mini Marathon, TEDx, and Film Summit which keep our campus husting at all times.

 Planet Fashion: Style through skills

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” Ralph Lauren conveyed the meaning of fashion in a precise manner. It is not only about the outfit, but the qualities a person has within him. Planet Fashion would then mean a place where many people flaunt their qualities in stylish forms.

At IIM Rohtak, students come from diverse backgrounds. In my batch, there are students from more than 20 states studying together. They come from various academic backgrounds, and they bring in diversity in several forms. To name a few distinguished personalities – There’s a stand-up comedian in my batch, a national level TT player, a singer who has performed on MTV, an entrepreneur, and many other people with different stories. But one thing is common among them. They all can flaunt their skills, and they all deserve to be in this Planet Fashion.

When there are people with so many skills, it is natural to assume that the competitive intensity is very high here, whether regarding academic excellence, or various co-curricular activities, or other extra-curricular events. Despite this high intensity, the diverse skill-sets create a conducive atmosphere in the campus, where students can share their knowledge with peer-learning. The students show their mettle by synergizing the different skill-sets to create excellent results. This is witnessed by the performance of students in various corporate events and other competitions.

UltraTech: State-of-the-art Infrastructure

My campus’ address has been recently changed. I consider myself fortunate be a part of the first batch to have come to the permanent site. The 200-acre campus is beautiful, with modern classrooms, latest technology, and robust structures. The facilities at the new campus are magnificent, where students are provided with single rooms, healthy and delicious food, and all other facilities which are important for the overall development of students.

Capital: Pioneers in Finance

When I joined the campus a year ago, I was slightly inclined towards a majors in Finance. The initial months strengthened my decision to take Finance as the majors. The faculty is very good here. Bloomberg terminals are installed in the campus, which give real-time information of the financial markets. There are some nice databases available on the campus, where students can get data related to the entire financial world in no time. Other than these, the Finance and Investment Club of IIM Rohtak played a prominent part in my decision of taking finance. I, being a part of the club now, say that it is committed to creating an atmosphere in the campus which fosters the finance culture in the campus.

More: Uniqueness does not end here

When I joined the institute, the seniors introduced us to the inherent culture of IM Rohtak, which is colloquially termed as Kathor (you get this if you write Rohtak from reverse). This includes being resilient in tough situations, being sacrosanct to deadlines, and always work towards the betterment of the institute.

It’s been ten years since the commencement of my campus, and during all these years, it has gathered much uniqueness. I’m more than confident that it will continue to strive for excellence and would create a special place for itself among the league of various B-schools across the nation. IIM Rohtak has been foraying into other domains of management as well, and it recently started a specialized program in Sports management along with two executive programs. The junior batch which came on June 29, has a male to female ratio of 1:1. Such gender diversity is difficult to find on other campuses. From the inception itself, my campus has differentiated itself from other campuses. I hope the name of IIM Rohtak would always stand differentiated and unique among those of other campuses.

Favourite ABG company

I would love to work for Aditya Birla Capital Ltd. Being a finance-enthusiast, I’ve always aspired to work in the financial domain and getting an opportunity to work with a distinguished brand like that of ABCL would be a dream come true. With a strong presence across the asset management, wealth management, currency and commodity broking, online personal finance management and various other financial services, ABCL is committed to serving the end-to-end financial services needs of its retail and corporate customers.

In ABCL, I would get a platform to showcase my financial as well as management skills, and I would wholeheartedly work towards achieving the organizational goals of the company. I would get an opportunity to work with the best minds of the nation, and also to enhance my skill-set with which I can contribute more towards the growth of the organization.