IIM Rohtak – An Unforgettable Classroom Lesson

One of most amazing learning experiences in an IIM Rohtak classroom is case discussion.

A good case discussion results in selection of an alternative which we deem to be correct even though there is no absolute correct or wrong option. I always strive to get the point of view and the alternative chosen by the course instructor. I also hope to always try to choose the alternative the instructor chose, simply because of reasoning and insight behind the alternative is valuable for me. It was one such case in business to business marketing course, called “Communispace”.The case was about a market research company (created and managed insight communities) having two options in front of it.

The first Option was to make a word of mouth campaign for a company potentially offering a big account for the company as well as the possibility of similarly large companies following suit. Making a word of mouth campaign wasn’t a core competency of the company, but it provided a chance of expansion in a rapidly growing industry space.

The second Option was to reject the big company’s offer to prepare a campaign and focusing on company’s core competency of creating and managing insight communities. They had been growing for the past five and a half years and were expanding internationally too.I had opted for option two and was among two out of around 48 students in our class. There were 15 students opting for option one, and the rest of the class was unsure. With increasingly strong arguments for option one, I started doubting myself over my reasoning behind choosing option two. When the course instructor also started leaning towards option one, i.e. elaborating students points and providing evidence and path-breaking articles like “Marketing Myopia”.

I started sinking into my chair, wondering whether my conservative approach led to me choosing the option of the company to stay in it’s lane and utilize its maximum potential before trying to do something different.

Just ten minutes before the class was scheduled to end, the instructor asked my rationale behind my decision. I hesitatingly told him the same. He, surprisingly then switched the entire discussion around, championing my point of sticking to core competency would prevent the damage caused to the company, in case, the campaign doesn’t work. That class reminded me of sticking behind my rationale and staying my ground, even though sometimes I might be the only person on it.

Which ABG Company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Peter England (Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited) as a brand manager. I identify with Peter England as an easy- on- pocket brand while not compromising with its style and panache. I hope to extend Peter England’s reach in tier – 3 and tier – 4 cities while maintaining its position in tier – 1 and tier – 2 cities.