IIM Shillong – The Abode Of Clouds

IIM Shillong, the “Abode of Clouds” provides the most serene and spiritual environment for learning.  The beauty of this place is not restricted to the picturesque landscapes but also includes the culture at IIM Shillong. Whether it is waking up to a thunderstorm or a calm sunny day and whether it is the melodious sounds of singing birds in the morning or the chirping of crickets at night; we get to appreciate nature in its different forms. The culture at our campus is what we take pride in. What appear to be idealistic qualities to the outside world are practiced here. We live in harmony with nature and also with each other. Perhaps there is a strong influence of the regional tribes of Shillong on the campus culture. Division of society or discrimination is non-existent in our campus and hence first year and second year are treated equally and it has one of the most diverse batches in terms of gender, academic and geographical diversity. We respect the differences that exist amongst ourselves and we believe in learning from each other’s experiences. We respect and appreciate the Khasi people for their love of nature and attempt to do the same by applying various sustainable practices in our daily lives. We are approaching towards a “plastic-free campus” and have installed “bamboo dustbins”. The solar panels installed to generate electricity for the campus. We also hold an annual sustainability conference called “SUS-CON” where some powerful voices raise their concern and strategize for sustainable development. We go on a “sustainability trek” to appreciate and respect nature and to observe the places which have not yet been exploited by humans. Learning from the teachings of Dr. A.P. J Abdul Kalam Sir, we have tried to imbibe some of his qualities in us. He always believed in serving the society by providing education and nurturing creativity in the young minds. The students at IIM Shillong have taken an initiative called “Nurturing Minds” where they volunteer to teach underprivileged children from more than seven schools from and around Shillong. The mission of IIM Shillong includes developing innovative leaders with strong ethical values; therefore we try to inculcate these ethical values in us from the very beginning of our journey at IIM Shillong. Here at IIM Shillong, we don’t just preach but we practice these values as we believe that the management of Earth and its resources is the most important form of management.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited as it aims to foray in the solar power business in India. I believe that renewable energy sources is the need of the hour and going forward with a project to build solar power plants in India will revolutionise the energy production industry. It would provide employment opportunities and would also help preserve the Earth’s natural resources and hence help the company perform its social responsibilities. Overall it would ensure sustainable development of our nation and I want to be part of a company which aims to make India more sustainable and eco-friendly.


Sakshi Misra

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong


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