IIM Shillong – Best Moments

The best moment at IIM Shillong was my internship experience with ITC was completely a trip! Wowser how everything began. An organization well known for its cigarettes and Sunfeast scones, (among a few different items) went to the grounds to enroll understudies at some point toward the finish of the primary term. Around then, I was almost certain I would not like to join this organization. I filled in the shape for its own particular purpose. Be that as it may, once I was chosen for the Group Discussion round, I got this sudden energy of nailing it. Also, that is the manner by which my battle for ITC summer internship began!

After in some way or another figuring out how to move beyond the GD, noting some center inquiries and contending a bit amid the HR talk with, I was at last chosen. I felt a feeling of accomplishment and encountered the famous “Yes, I did it!” minute. Months passed and my energy was achieving its points of confinement. I was planning to get a decent area with the goal that I could have a great time and appreciate the city life.

The mid year arrangement process is the most tiring background any B-school graduate would confront. Following a while of diligent work and restless evenings, I at long last got put in a standout amongst the most pined for FMCG organizations in India. The good feeling that follows once the thoroughness is over is unimaginable. Exactly when I thought the flame broiling was at long last more than, after 7 months, another fight began in a completely unique setting – new turf, new standards!

No doubt, the contextual investigation based learnings in my school, IIM Shillong have helped me a great deal as it gave me the fearlessness and the quality to work in an expert situation and face the exigencies. Here the expectation to absorb information is more viable as choices taken in the workplace rooms are for all intents and purposes executed in the outside condition with an opportunity to track the same. Freedom, peer learning, energy about the work had kept me moving to take in more and work towards the expectations.

The KITES Summer Internship in ITC commenced with an amazing enlistment at ITC Windsor, Bengaluru. It was a 2-day occasion where every one of the understudies got to know the internship process and were advised on the things to anticipate in the coming 2 months. Earlier year’s PPO holders shared their internship understanding and ITC stalwarts from the best echelons gave priceless bits of knowledge on marking and methodology. This was trailed by a lavish supper where I collaborated with kindred assistants. Instantly the following morning. I got my packs and moved to the organization settlement briskly as I needed to answer to the workplace at 10 am that morning, the test had started.

Aditya Birla Group

Being passionate about working in marketing, brought me to IIM Shillong, and I would like to work with Idea Cellular. With the telecom industry gearing up for big mergers, it would be an interesting experience to a challenging environment enhanced by the burning competition in India in recent times.


Akula Mody

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong