IIM Shillong – Buzzing Campus

Just like all the other B-Schools, IIM Shillong is abuzz with new faces and new conversations. There are multiple conversations with seniors guiding juniors on how to make the best of the next two years and how MBA is whatever you choose it to be. The foundation of any business school is the enriching process of networking, and with the close-knit nature and culture of IIM Shillong, this objective is met wonderfully well.

The formation of these new bonds seems reminiscent of the ones that we formed with our seniors, one year ago. The innocent mistakes that we made and how they were always there as sentinels to guide us in the right direction. IIM Shillong has always functioned like a family, whether it be the whole college celebrating a festival together or carrying apples all the way across the campus at 4 AM so that you can eat it with your friends.

Over the span of one year, my seniors and peers have managed to teach me more than I had learnt in all the years preceding. The first thing that our seniors taught was that IIM Shillong is and always will be family, if not by blood then by the endless moments shared at each of the festivals, at each of the placement celebrations where it has often happened that all of us are happier than the person getting placed. We have also been with each other during our failures, cracking pathetic jokes to show that we will not let one failure get to us.

The most important that we learnt from each other is that selfless help and gratitude go a long way. Busy with our hectic schedules, we often forget what’s really important in life and tend to focus on the task ahead of us. These small actions remind us that we will always have assignments, we will always have new things to learn, but it’s all better if you have done it along with someone you can thank at the end.

All these faces have a reflection of the ones that used to spotted having a gala time in the volleyball court, discussing how tonight we must burn the midnight oil so the next five minutes must be enjoyed to the full extent. So the time seems ripe to think of changing roles, how all of us must pass on what we have learnt and be responsible, ensuring IIM Shillong continues to be a family which stands together.

Aditya Birla Group

The Aditya Birla Group company I would love to work for would be Aditya Birla Capital. As someone who has always been interested in finance, this is an obvious choice for me. The values of the Group, of passion and speed are something that resonates with me. These values in Aditya Birla Capital mean that the company is fast evolving and capable of meeting the ever changing competitive landscape of Indian businesses. The presence that ABCL has across multiple products like insurance, asset management and structured finance means that I too can be invited in an end to end solution that ABCL provided to it’s clients. To be a part of an exciting industry, would be a great opportunity.


Priyanshu Gupta

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong