IIM Shillong – A Campus In The Clouds

Imagine waking up to clouds forming just outside your window. Imagine waking up and seeing mountains and double rainbows emanating from them in the distance. The idea of never having to worry about the heat or the frustration that not-so-good weather brings in. Imagine visiting a hill station – just that you are not visiting now but living and studying there. This is IIM Shillong which is currently hosted in a beautiful temporary campus – the summer retreat of the Maharajas of the Mayurbhanj dynasty. Situated in the abode of clouds, Meghalaya, IIM Shillong is blessed with the awesome weather and even more awesome locales. The campus houses both the student hostels and the classrooms. Recreational facilities and administrative offices are spread across the campus which is always abuzz with energy for the many extra-curricular activities that offer both – learning and just the right amount of fun

Shillong offers a heavy dose of unending mountains, thick clouds and lush waterfalls. Trekking locations are aplenty and there are several weekend getaways nearby which might help you relax. Besides this Shillong has a unique culture. People over here have a certain way of living and doing business and as a business student it is a unique subject to apply ideas learnt in the class. 85% population in Shillong comprises of the local people out of which 70% are Christian-converts. Even then, the original traditions are still alive among the people. The language spoken by people is mainly Khasi and English. The people are extremely courteous and friendly and any interaction with them is bound to end in a laughter riot. People have misconception that being situated in the hilly areas of North-East, Shillong is an unsafe place to visit. But the rising number of tourists to this place and its increasing charm goes on to prove otherwise.

Another unique strength of our campus is the small batch size which facilitates more interaction and networking. We have a very tightly knit group and all the students staying in the campus know each well. We are tightly knit. We eat together, we stay together, we play together, and we celebrate together which gives way to a milieu which is vibrant and full of life. The values & practices also make the students socially aware which encourages them to give back to the society in whatever small ways they can.

In short IIM Shillong gives you a lot in terms of knowledge, friends, experience and fitness. It facilitates overall growth of its students in both the academic and personal facets which helps its students to have a well-rounded personality which gives them the edge in the corporate world.


Jasmeet Singh Nagpal

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong