IIM Shillong – “The Campus In Clouds” – An Institution Above All

The title is self-explanatory to all those who are or were associated with IIM Shillong (the campus in clouds). The Lingo “Campus in clouds” signifies more than just a balmy weather of state capital of Meghalaya. BUT, why should you even care what it signifies for? Or why you should understand IIM Shillong as an institution? If you are or wish to be self-aware person, the answer is very simple “Behavioural Understanding of your surrounding in a simple most sense”.

As per Google an Institution is “an organisation founded for a religious, educational, professional, or social purpose” to get into quick technicality IIM Shillong is in a juxtaposition of all the components mentioned. Religion followed is humanity, Education and Professionalism is for management and leadership, Emphasis on Sustainability in the curriculum is for the environmental and social purpose. IIM Shillong is a perfect blend of all of it.

Institutions and any set of people as a group with an agenda consist the system and culture to reach the end goals but to bring synergy into it, is the most crucial aspect. This is where IIM Shillong has excelled by considering and Integrating all the components of the culture into the system. This integration between culture and system offers the best possible output along with the weather of course.

The learning from IIM Shillong is to be humble and understand the “human factors” especially emotions which are if negative like a slack from the side of a student or in HR perspective. The system is such that even if there are some human factors the rectification would be quick and easy while balancing between the Masculinity and Femininity (Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions).

The culture is in the phase of evaluation but the “cultural norms” are the ones which matures over the time and take a very firm stance in the culture. This firm stands if never being challenged it falls under the bracket of Masculinity and if challenged more frequently than the culture is under the bracket of femininity. The norms when being challenged needs to be scrutinised considering different scenario. This is always in the hand of system in any institution or organisation to accept or reject the cultural norms which are affecting the overall outcome.

Which ABG company would you like to work? Why?

Birla Carbon would be the one company under which I would be highly obliged to work under because of two crucial aspect one being the business is the foundational one for many of aspect but one aspect I am fascinated with is Carbon and Rubber’s contribution to building the world we live in and the importance and applicability in to the various social requirement. No matter in which Department I work with but for me, it is important to understand for what reason I work for and that is the only reason I have.


Maulik Keshubhai Kathad

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong