IIM Shillong – Campus In Clouds, And Vice Versa

It had been almost two months and we students had thought that we understood most of the things about our campus. We had heard a lot of great things about the beauty of our campus and the region in general and one thing we were certain we had seen enough of was the proof of the tag “Campus in Clouds” for our college. You see, since the day we had arrived in the campus, we hadn’t seen the rain stop for even one day. The skies were always a dark grey and there was always the indication of rain in the next few hours even if there were moments of respite from the seemingly constant showers.

But one day, fate seemed to have decided to teach the real reason of the name to us, the new batch. When we were going to our classes in the morning, we could see the clouds almost touching peaks we could see from the campus. This was a common sight and one we had seen quite a lot since we joined. But after a few hours, the scene in the campus had changed. The entire campus seemed to have been covered with fog, and the first-year students were especially stumped with the view since we didn’t think it was cold enough for fog to appear, and that too so late during the morning.

But what we didn’t understand was that there were actual clouds wandering through the campus. When we roamed around the campus we could see a continuous flow from the mountains to the campus, a thick white foam which seemed to have gotten a mind of its own and carried towards the campus grounds and permeated through the trees that surrounded the area within the campus. There was a cold and wet feeling to the mist, and soon we could see water drops accumulating on our clothes and the leaves on the trees.

Most of us were just awestruck from the view and were thanking our luck that we were outside to witness the scene, instead of being inside our classes like some of our less fortunate batchmates, who could only see this happening after few more weeks the next time it happened.

That moment was definitely one which made me love our campus and feel glad about all the serene beauty that we are surrounded by, day and night. To feel that kind of connection with nature and to be a part of an institute that tries to ensure such beauty remains untainted, made me proud to be where I was at that time, and still does, after almost a year from that moment.

Aditya Birla Group

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Kunal Tyagi

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

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