IIM Shillong – Why And How I Choose My Campus

Every IIM in the country is situated in very unique locations all across India, and deciding among any one of them, in particular, seemed like a tuff choice. I knew that every IIM in India has a very unique culture and has unique values and is something that they stand for.

Growing up in a steel township of Durgapur I always understood the need for a clean and a healthy place to live in. Then coming to a city like Kolkata for graduation the climate got even worse. It was then I as an individual understood how important it was to do something for our environment.

Then after I got calls from various colleges and was going through various colleges websites and learning more and more about the various b schools in the country. There were many b schools that were really impressive but there was only one institute in particular that was whole heartedly committed towards sustainability and had a dedicated course towards sustainability. And that was IIM Shillong. Apart from that when I went through the college website I was really impressed by the various activities that were being taken up by IIM Shillong. For e.g. one such event was called Nurturing Minds which was a program set up in honour of late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. It was a program in which the students of our college interacted with the local people of Shillong and gave them various lessons on various subjects.

I was also very impressed by the lifestyle of the Khasi people of the Northeast, since the tradition and customs of the Khasi people residing in the area was very different from almost all other cultures that are practised in India. I was looking forward to learn about these people during my stay in Shillong. Earlier I perceived that people of Shillong were resistant towards change and modernisation and change but coming here and spending time in the campus now I realize that it is other way round, these people have a deep respect for their rules and traditions and most importantly staying in a remote place they have a sense of brotherhood a strong bond among all individuals. It is not that they do not understand technology or do not want industries to come up but it is that they feel more responsible towards their environment. They like all others are also welcoming of other people in their society and time and again their humbleness is something that no one can ignore. Hence hoping to take back their teachings from these wonderful people of Shillong didn’t make me question my decision of choosing to come and study at IIM Shillong.

Soumyajit Mandal

PGP 1st year

IIM Shillong


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