IIM Shillong – Into The Clouds

On June 21, I landed on Guwahati Airport, along with my parents. It was a usual sunny day in monsoon. We boarded a cab for Shillong at noon and started an unexpected journey. It was interesting to see the changing weather patterns. The sun was steadily replaced with drizzles and the with drizzles came the green landscapes with grasslands all around. It was around then when we reached Meghalaya. It was a three-hour journey until we reached Shillong. Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, is a hilly urban region and is almost but a hill station if it wasn’t for its height above sea level. Slopes are extremely steep, more than in any hill stations. Wooden houses, meat shops selling pork are some of the common sights along the roads. The city has a dense population in the city center. There are retail stores of all brands, local embroidery stores, Government buildings constructed in Khasi architecture, churches and cathedrals and yet the city lacks no greenery. As we were seeing all this in the cab, I had made my mind to explore the city whenever I would get the chance. But until then I had another call, the beginning of a new journey, the end of all worries and the pinnacle of all dreams. At around 5 pm, after checking in at the hotel, we reached IIM Shillong.

Campus in clouds, as it is called(trust me, it is), is a scenic beauty. It used to be guesthouse of monarch’s of Mayurbhanj Empire until 2008, when the contolling power was transferred to IIM Shillong. As you enter the gates, you would find a basketball court on the left and the road that leads you further is sloped upwards. On moving further up you would be surrounded by greeneries of the gardens. We reached a small greenhouse, which is called glasshouse, where other participants had gathered along with their parents. We were greeted by a second year student of the college. He showed us to the mess, where the room allotment process was going on. Afer having been allotted a room, he carried my luggage to the room and all the while was showing me all the hostels that are there in the campus. My parents followed us. It was a triple occupancy room, the other two participants had already reached. After having dinner, I dropped my parents to the hotel. The next morning admission process began. The process comprised multiple formalities, each was to be held at either the main building or the auditorium. I forgot to mention that the main building houses offices of professors and the director. It is further up the glasshouse. Behind this building, if yo go even further up the slope, you will reach the auditorium. The place between the main building and the auditorium is a marvelous piece of scenic beauty. It’s all stairs. There are patches of fine grasses by these stairs and as you go up you will see houses rising in the neighborhood. As for the stairs, there are some canteens and cottages by them. You may say that this is good and nothing sort of extraordinary but wait until I have told you about the rains. It doesn’t rain in Shillong, it drizzles. Fine droplets of rain may fall anytime (it is therefore, advisable to carry an umbrella all the time) and when they do, they add to the beauty of the campus. Roads become wet, grass begins shining and twilight sweeps in. if the rain gets heavy, you can see water falling down the drains by the slope. Unlike other parts of the country where rain makes life miserable, this region gets purified. And if you don’t believe me yet, I would suggest you to visit IIM Shillong.


Nikhil Abhishek

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong