IIM Shillong – Some Of My Crazy Batchmates

Name- Varun Thota

How do you spend your Saturday mornings?  may be lazily rolling in bed or bingeing that Tv show without sleep. Varun here teaches underprivileged kids in the campus. In a place where everyone indulges in rat race to stay ahead of the curve. He is a rare gem of a person who helps everyone. He takes classes for students before exams and acts as support system to students and helps people for even during the most stressful placement season even if the person is shortlisted in the same company as him. He has a unique sense of humor which makes one want to be in his company constantly.

Name- Sanchari Das

Meet Sanchari Das, a highly skilled & knowledgeable person, Her observation skills can be matched only by Sherlock Holmes. A walking Wikipedia, Give her any topic in the world she can talk about it fluently for hours and make even a person nothing about it proficient in it. Such, are her prowess. Her Oratory skills are among the best I have seen in my life. She is very passionate supporter of Woman & LGBTQ issues. Not only the above things mentioned she also gives the best life advice for people who need it. I’m sure she would make any organization a better place with her cheerfulness and intellect.

Name: Vinay Prasad

Critics of M.S. Dhoni say he is a lucky person & doesn’t give enough credit to his captaincy. For Outsiders who don’t know Vinay they’ll say the same about him. A student who bunks the class but tops the exams, but in both the cases there is a lot of hard work involved. A horse riding lover, a freak who loves to party and has an unlimited supply of energy & enthusiasm which makes even the laziest person on earth in his company filled with a truckload of energy. He takes part in every extra-curricular activity and learns a new skill every time (Currently he’s learning Mixed Martial Arts). A travelling enthusiast he can be the best partner while going on a trip.

Name: Chandrasekhar

Chandrasekhar, he is the “Gordon Ramsay” of the college. He can cook like him but also criticizes food made by others in the same way (especially mess food). He is popular among the students in college because he is the most affable and makes any person feel comfortable. He has a strong stand on things and is never one to shy away from expressing his opinion on things. He is stable like a rock on a mountain top in that he takes good news and bad news in the same way i.e. with a smile.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

My dream is to be the leader in the domain I am working on, ABG nurtured many leaders since its inception and it would be a perfect platform to work in any company under it to kickstart my career. But given a chance, I would work in Aditya Birla Capital Limited. Finance is a domain I am passionate about. I am building my entire career towards working in finance roles. Given the wide domains under ABG capital like private equity, corporate finance, structured finance, wealth management it would be a dream come true for people like me.


Sudheer Chandra

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

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