IIM Shillong And Its Discreetness

After all the battle revolving around CAT 2017 and gruelling interviews, life brought me in IIM SHILLONG to chase my target and achieve my goals which is quite high. And it was a completely different experience in the the 3 weeks that I spent over here. THE CAMPUS IN CLOUDS, as the institute pitches itself, is distinct from the rest of the B-Schools for its scenic beauty and the peace that hung in its atmosphere which is perfect for academics and cultural activities.

Located in the capital of Meghalaya, IIM Shillong has all in it in itself for a student to strive for. Starting from the people of Shillong, the seniors and the faculty members all are supportive and helpful enough to let a raw undergraduate student capable enough to develop the attitude, skills and mindset to face the rigours of the future professional life.

My day one at IIM Shillong started with the registration process early morning and it was not the faculty members to guide me through but the seniors who guided me and mentored me the whole process. The best thing was no matter how much tired they were but they were always there each and every time me or any of batch mates needed them without having their basic necessities they always lent a helping hand no matter what the time and the situation is. This is what a student-driven campus is all about. A fine line goes “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN VOICE” and the seniors in our campus proved that by their actions that Iimshillong always stays committed from the word goes.

Being a disabled candidate I needed some facilities for my smooth stay in the campus and there was again the seniors and also all the staffs and the faculty members stretching to the security guards who ensured that I or any other candidates with different abilities does not face any problems due to our problems.

The 1st two weeks was all about preparing us for all the challenges for our upcoming days and our seniors and the faculty members did not put a foot wrong ensuring that we meet up to the expectations that a corporate world will have in store for us. They just didn’t act like our mentors but also our families who stayed and will always stay with us during our hard times and keep on motivating us to bring the best out of us.

The PLACEMENT COMMITTEE brought speakers from various CORPORATE giants to groom us up for the forthcoming summer placements so that we don’t break down in the middle of the challenging placement season ahead of us.

All these things now bring me to the faculty members and the courses and it is known to every one that IIM SHILLONG is one of the few campuses to practice and make the students aware of SUSTAINABILITY which is the most demanding thing in the world as of now and also for the future. IIM SHILLONG henceforth had a full week course on the aforesaid topic and its implementations in the business world that followed by an outdoor field experience to ensure that THE COURSE does not go in vain. They also provided us with the remedial courses and the basics of excel and all other requirements keeping in mind that we are the most diverse batch this year and so that we start our main course on the same page.

These experience till now makes me say that IIM SHILLONGis the perfect place for a student to come and get prepared for all the challenges and rigours of the upcoming days and all these things makes this institute a discrete one. Looking forward to spend my next two years in my HOME away from HOME and to build my career and inherit all the qualities required in the upcoming days from my lovely supportive seniors backed up by the faculty members. IIM SHILLONG is not just an institute it’s a FAMILY.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Given an opportunity, I would love to join ADITYA BIRLA IDEA PAYMENTS BANK LIMITED keeping many thing into account. From the very tender age, I had a neck towards this mobile banking sector keeping in my physical abilities in mind and the possibility to sustain in it. This payment bank sector strives in offering easy banking and finance to all its customers across all devices who can easily access their accounts without any problem from their computers or cellular phones.

Aditya Birla company offers simple and uninterrupted banking services and makes life very easy for its customers.It strives to value the agility,transparency,innovation and customer centricity to build the DIGITAL INDIA and to provide every citizen of the country with an accessible and convenient banking channel.

I would always strive to work in a company which has the policy of putting its customers first and maintaining transparency and feasibility in every work they do not only for its customers but also for the entire Nation and ADITYA BIRLA IDEA PAYMENTS BANK LIMITED has always believed in this.


Aniruddha Majumder

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong