IIM Shillong – A Dream Come True | Rajat Magotra

When I got the interview offer from IIM Shillong, which was my only call from an IIM, I was elated beyond belief. But that feeling quickly changed into one of determination and motivation as I had to convert my best call of the season. Once the interview process was over, it was a long, anxious wait of two months before we got the results. And it turns out that after all of that anxiousness there was still some more of waiting that I had to do after being waitlisted.

The waitlist did not even move for the first two weeks and I had lost all my hope and my dream of studying in an IIM looked dark and sordid. But by some miracle, the waitlist suddenly moved by big margins as the registration date approached. I finally managed to convert one day before the registration date and that was the best moment of my life, not just because of the fact that I had converted an IIM call, but because the joy on the face of my parents meant the world to me.

IIM Shillong boasts of wins in many Corporate Competitions both nationally and internationally despite having considerable lower batch strength. This was my biggest motivation of joining IIM Shillong as its shows the quality and rigor of the students here. Also, the smaller batch number would help all the students in building stronger chemistry and network between us and enhance the peer learning process.

The institute also offers the maximum number of electives to their second-year student which gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge base and was a major factor me choosing IIM Shillong over other institutes. We also have eminent industry experts visiting our campus providing important insights into how the corporate world works.

Aditya Birla Group

When it comes to which Aditya Birla Group company I would like to join, I would choose Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank Ltd. The digital payment scenario in the country is on the rise especially after the reform of demonetization and implementation of Goods and Services Tax. The government too is providing incentives to the public for using digital payment options and is also actively discouraging the use of cash. Also the onset of UPI payment system provides seamless transfer of funds from the bank account of one person to the other person’s bank account rather than firstly transferring money to digital wallets.

Rajat Magotra

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

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