IIM Shillong Effect

The city of “Shillong”  in itself represents beauty which is incomprehensible and can only be felt and admired. My college, IIM SHILLONG, gave this opportunity to me to visit the abode of clouds i.e. the state of Meghalaya for the first time. I was completely mesmerized by the view that I saw from the train’s window on my way to Guwahati. Everything started to be appearing as if suddenly someone had painted everything green. As soon as I felt the first gush of wind blowing down my hair, it was the moment I realised that my decision to come to Shillong was the best one I have ever made. And that never made me contemplate about my choice of joining this prestigious institute.

Like any other successful CAT aspirant, even I was very sceptical about the choice of the institute. People had their own opinions backed by facts and figures. Choosing IIM SHILLONG was something I did after a thorough research and in this process, I learned a lot about the institute. First and the foremost thing is the institute is that the completely student driven, which made me realise that the amount of learning that I can get from here would be enormous. The institute’s mission is to impart management education in sustainable development which is something that sets it apart from the rest. Being an electrical engineer I am very interested in solar power generation, and how the use of renewable energy resources can contribute a great deal to achieve sustainability goals. This was a major driving factor in my decision to join this institute. I felt that if my existing knowledge could be used here, that would be something I would benefit from. The institute also organizes a plethora of events and has a large number of clubs and committees, that provide students a platform to learn management in the real sense. “Toastmasters”, which is a club in IIM SHILLONG and an extension of Toastmasters International, attracted me the most. I became really excited by the fact that of being able to be a part of something which is internationally acclaimed and to learn with some of the most intelligent minds in the country. And adding to that, the club organizes sessions which are extremely crucial for self-improvement in leadership and communication skills. As a student, I was always interested in voicing my opinions and I felt that this institute encourages that. And the location of the institute is something which makes you realize that India is a unique country and Meghalaya is a state unexplored by many and the institute gave me this opportunity to live in this amazing place called Shillong.

Aditya Birla Group is one of the most prestigious groups in the country and working for it would be a huge responsibility. Though the group has grown manifolds in various sectors in the country but given a choice I would love to work for Aditya Birla Group Fashion and Retail Limited. One of my reasons for this is that Aditya Birla group has established itself as a pioneer in the fashion and retail market in India and has an extremely large customer base in India. And as a consumer myself, I felt that the quality and satisfaction that the company offers with everything was amazing. Another reason for choosing it was I have always been a fashion enthusiast and to work in a fashion and retail company could be no less a dream and hence I would love to fulfil it.

Sneha Chirukuri

PGP 1st year

IIM Shillong


IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong