IIM Shillong: Where The Entire Batch Is Like Your Family

I am from IIM Shillong and I have recently joined the campus.  The interesting fact about the Shillong campus is that even though it is very beautiful you won’t be having any time to enjoy its beauty.

Being from Andhra Pradesh, the thing which I first noticed is the climate. The highest temperature here is less than the lowest temperature in my home state. The climate here is the most unpredictable thing you will ever see.  You will experience all the seasons in a single that too in many cycles. When you just feel that the weather was warm, it just changes in a moment and you will be completely drenched in rain. After that, you will start shivering because of the extreme cold. In the morning when you are getting ready for the classes, the cold and humid clothes will send shivers across your spine. The classes will be following a weekly schedule and you have to be aware of when you have your classes. Otherwise, you will end up in another sections class and have to face your batchmates with a humiliated face.

The most important lesson the institute will teach you in the first 10 days of joining is the importance of sleep. You will be craving for just 30 minutes of extra sleep throughout the day You will be called at odd hours in the night and you will be made to stay awake for extraordinary lengths and you will be made to discover the latent potential inside of you. In a typical day, you will be bombarded with loads of assignments, pre-reads, group projects, placement sessions, clubs and committees inductions and you will be made to multitask to finish each one of them. Everyone will be on their toes because the academics are taken very seriously by the institute and they won’t even hesitate to detain you if needed.

The unique thing about the campus is you will be knowing all the 180 students in the batch. The entire batch will be like a family and you will always find help from someone whenever needed. Be it in academics, shopping or partying you can always count on your batch. Your seniors will always be there to help you out in your competitions and academics. Your own batchmates will be teaching you 3-4 class sessions in one hour or less. The interesting thing is you will be able to completely understand the same concepts which you felt clueless when being taught in the classroom. You will also be a mentor and a student for your batch at the same time. This peer learning will let you share your strengths and helps you work on your weakness.

Campus life, even though having a rigorous schedule, will make you feel like you are living in a home away from home.

Which ABG Company do you want to work for and why?

The ABG company I want to work in is UltraTech Limited. Being a Civil Engineer and an MBA graduate, my technical knowledge will complement my managerial knowledge while taking any decision. I want to work with ABG because of the core values the organization possess. They all pitch the importance of interest and passion of the individual towards his work. They are completely in tune with my own values. I am also passionate about working in my Core domain. Also, after completing my post graduation I am looking forward to work in an organization in the role of General Management and ABG can offer me the same. In ABG, I will get the chance to work under the corporate leaders and enhance my skills by taking up different roles and responsibilities throughout my career.

Siva Hemanth Reddy

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong