IIM Shillong – The Experience

I was exalted the first time when I read the offer letter that I received from IIM Shillong congratulating me on being accepted as a scholar of IIM Shillong, which was then followed by a thought of sheer rigor and labour as a paramount requirement for a scholar to withstand the pressure being presented by the academic stress of an IIM. Over the months that I studied in IIM Shillong, the experience has been a mixed bag of work and fun. There were times when we were so swamped with assignments and group projects that we would be left with only a couple of hours of sleep, whereas there were times when we would have enough free time on our hands that we would go to any nearby trekking locations(closest one would be 45 mins away from our institute) to reset our biological clock. Collective learning is an essential part of adjusting to the rigor brought by the brand that is represented by IIM Shillong. When one studies in IIM Shillong, the student gets exposed to a student community from various educational backgrounds, work experience and expertise.  The educational environment provided by IIM Shillong provides the perfect opportunity for a budding entrepreneur, who might be a fresher, to gain the necessary experience (possible issues that one might face while starting their own business) by interacting with his/her fellow batchmates. The environment and weather of Shillong provides an ideal environment for the scholars to focus on their studies as well as spend some time in any of the nearby tourist locations to relieve some anxiety.

My internship experience had been particularly eye-opening since I got to explore the future scope of the handloom industry in Assam. Over the past few years, Assam has undergone a major makeover after the election of Modi government. With better roadways connecting northeast India with the rest of India, the prospects of better facilities being available in Assam has increased. But even then, it has been reported that Assam is the slowest in ease of doing business. A report based on an enterprise survey of over 3,200 post-2014 companies in the manufacturing sector across all states, shows that while the average time taken to set up a business in India was 118 days, it took 63 days in Tamil Nadu, 67 days in Andhra Pradesh and 248 days in Assam. During my internship period, I got the opportunity to understand the factors that are essential for the growth of handloom sector in Assam. The internship not only helped me to understand the problems from the perspectives of weavers but also understand the problems that are faced by a business owner who might have similar issues while operating in Assam.

If given the opportunity I would like to join the Ultratech Cement Limited company of the Aditya Birla Group. On top of being one of the largest global producers of cement, Ultratech cement was also named the AON best employer three times over the past 7 years. One of the many wishes that a job seeker has is to look for a job that provides a good work life balance which, from the many reviews that I read, is being offered by Ultratech Cement Limited.

Shibraj Brahma

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong