IIM Shillong – An Experience Like No Other

State of the art Infrastructure, amazing Faculty, great peers and so on are the things that all B-schools offer. The question here is what else can a B-School give?

 IIM SHILLONG is a unique and one of a kind B-School that gives more than just a management education, it is an experience like no other a B-School life like no other.  Ever imagined that you would need to close down the windows of the class because there is a cloud entering the class? or Going out on a beautiful, challenging yet mesmerizing trek with your batch in the most beautiful and unexplored places as a part of a course? The whole batch gathering for birthday celebrations at the quad?  yes all 180 of us come together! A campus that is so beautiful that you forget all the hardships that you face as a part of your education here at IIM.  I believe the most important ability of a manager especially a manager of tomorrow is the ability to reflect. When we at IIM Shillong come out of a class and look at the vast expanse all we can do is take a moment and reflect.  This ability is the differentiating factor that will give us an edge in the business world and help us to become better managers. It is literally like a family of 360 people on campus all for one one for all.

IIM Shillong is home away from Home in a true sense. One can’t talk much about the life at  IIM Shillong as the words fall short of it. It is an experience of a lifetime


An ABG company I would like to work for .

ULTRATECH CEMENT  : Being a civil engineer and having interest in the field of cement production, sales and marketing, Ultratech cement is a dream company for me .  I would like to work with it in the field of RMC and AAC blocks along with the cement business . In a country like India that has the fastest rates of urbanisation and and infrastructure development the cement and allied industry is on a growth trajectory like never before and Ultratech is best positioned to exploit the opportunity , as a manager it will give me an opportunity to drive the growth of the company , country and my personal growth as I will be able to use my skills as a manager and a civil engineer effectively . I will a great opportunity to work with ABG at Ultratech cement which is the largest cement manufacturer in India .

Shubham Rangari

PGP 1st year

IIM Shillong


IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong