IIM Shillong – On The Godsellers, Marketing Club

IIM Shillong sits in the abode of clouds in the state of Meghalaya. Being a premiere management school in the country, the institute attracts the best of talents across discipline in every batch. Each and every batch for the last 10 years have tried to take initiatives to make the learning experience for the students more enriching. Several clubs and committees in the institute strive for excellence and make the students apply their learnings in their in-house competitions.

One such event is the event conducted by the Marketing club of IIM Shillong, The Godsellers. This is an in-house event in which the students organize themselves in teams and buy stalls (mostly for selling food and games) through a bidding process conducted by the club. It is a one-day event where the winners of the bidding process get equal stall area inside the campus to sell stuff. The Marketing club takes the initiative to publicise the event across the city and targets almost all the other academic institutions in the city to make sure enough customers are available for the in-house entrepreneurs.

Now the marketing game starts, and the students turn into entrepreneurs and apply their classroom learnings to make a profit (as real money is involved). As the day of the event approaches, the marketers up their gears to lure as many in-house customers and try innovative ways to attract them. I was surprised to see the creativity of some students when they skilfully included their sales pitch inside a classroom presentation!

The day arrives and crowd from all over the city comes pouring in inside the campus. Most of the stalls sell food and some of them also have entertainment things like throwing games. The sophisticated MBA school common area turns to a fish market when energetic students turn to salesmen. On-the-spot discounts, volume discounts and clearing-up discounts are all on the menu. The success of the event is never judged on the basis of the profits made (as there is never any profit), but on the basis of fun, the students had.

I was part of one of such stall and experienced first-hand how difficult it is to make profits out of a business. Most of the students who take part in this event do not wait another year to let their entrepreneurs out and start weekly food outlets to take advantage of the night canteen being closed on Saturdays. I am part of such a weekly stall where we sell fresh fruit milkshakes in the evening. We sensed the need through a market survey and bang, we were there to take the advantage. Such small acts of entrepreneurship are necessary in a b-school to make the students understand the intricacies in a business apart from the case studies.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I personally respect a lot the ABG businesses as they are the true nation builders giving back to the society they belong to. I would like to work for the fibre-cellulose business in which they make the raw material for the clothes. During a classroom discussion in the B2B marketing, I got to learn the challenging task that this business involves making the end consumer feel the importance of the raw material of the cloth they are wearing.  I want to learn more about the business and the way ABG is able to generate profit out of such small operating margins.


Nikhil Dange

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong