IIM Shillong Golf Cup Season 10

In the wee hours of November 10th at the Shillong Golf Course, Mrs. Jyoti Agarwal was sizing up her tee-off for the 1st hole. She pressed the tee into the ground and got into her stance as a hush fell over the crowd. With one last look at the fairway, she pulled back her club and swung it down in one fluid motion. The ball flew for 160 yards and landed on the fairway. It was an excellent start to the day’s play.

IIM Shillong’s Golf Cup saw a record participation of over 150 golfers in its 10th season. In the spirit of their enthusiasm, the proposed 2-day event was stretched to a 3-day affair. Day Zero saw the professionals, ladies and for the first time, juniors teeing off. In fact, Jyoti’s daughter, Divyanshi teed-off from the other end of the course, on the same day as her mother. Jyoti’s husband, Vikash had a rough day chasing both mother and daughter for pictures. He smiled and said, ‘I am playing tomorrow. It’ll be their turn to take pictures.’ The Agarwals, it turns out, are a family of golfers who look forward to IIM Shillong’s flagship event every year.

The Director of IIM Shillong, Dr. Amitabha De and the Chairman of IIM Shillong, Mr. Shishir Bajoria inaugurated Day One with a ceremonial ‘putt’. Amateurs from around the country represented clubs from Eastern Air Command, Director General Assam Rifles, 101 Area, Guwahati, Jorhat, Manipur and of course, Shillong. On being asked if it was a good day to play golf, Dr. Anil Pargal from Shillong Golf Club replied, ‘It’s always a good day to play golf,’ before making a par on the 16th. Day One concluded with players collecting official merchandise and having lunch at the Clubhouse after which the draws for Day Two were posted.

IIM Shillong welcomed corporate guests from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Guwahati and New Delhi on Day Two of the Golf Cup. The guests were from diverse sectors such as consulting, BFSI, electronics, oil and gas, and aviation. Participants of IIM Shillong’s PGP and PGP-ex got a unique opportunity to tag along with the corporates and learn both business and golf.

‘My shoes and socks are completely drenched from the dew on the course this morning. But it’s worth it,’ said Abhishek Rana, PGP17 of IIM Shillong’s Golf Club, who was managing the play from the 7th tee-box. IIM Shillong’s Golf Club, the first club of its kind in an Indian Bschool was marshaling the Cup. Day Two of play wrapped up with the declaration of results and invitation to the curtain ceremony at the State Convention Center, Meghalaya.

Later in the evening, the winners from all the categories were felicitated by Dr. Amitabha De, Mr. Shishir Bajoria, Mr. Sabyasachi Hajara and the Secretary of Shillong Golf Club, Mr. Chibor Shullai. Mr. Bajoria remarked at the uniqueness of a golfing event organized by a bschool and how businesses were increasingly being conducted on the golf course instead of the boardroom. While the golfers and their families enjoyed the evening dinner with some live music, IIM Shillong’s Golf Club got a chance to catch-up with Mrs. Jyoti Agarwal again. ‘It was great playing the Golf Cup. I am already looking forward to the next year,’ she said, beaming and flashing the Winner’s trophy in Women’s category.




About the Author:

Aakash Saxena

Office Bearer, IIM Shillong Golf Club – Class of 2019, IIM Shillong