IIM Shillong – Interesting Stories Of Interesting People

In this piece, I will be introducing some of the people here at IIM Shillong whom I feel make stories interesting just by featuring in it.

Jasmeet: This guy is the coolest Sardar I have come across. He engages with numbers to play with, is one of the most-knowledgeable finance domain heavyweights on the campus and a past entrepreneur. He is humble even in the most serious of the situations and is revered for his calm and composure throughout the campus. After clearing CFA L2 and working in Futures First for 2 years, he decided to give his entrepreneurial side a chance to learn execution on the ground. During his leisure time, he loves to play Poker and Badminton.

Simanta: This person interned in the same company where I pursued my internship. I was relieved when I heard that he is in same location because I have found him to be one of the most dependable and reliable people in the campus. A core logic guy with a speciality to connect the dots through rigorous data analysis is something that makes him stand out the most. And he likes to sharpen his focus by playing computer games such as DOTA, Call of Duty, etc. Also, he is the go-to person for all IT and software related issues on the campus and this helping nature of his sets him apart.

Aditya: Coming from a very humble background, you can always find this person to be a friend of everyone on the campus. Such is the rapport that he builds with each person he interacts with and I think that is the most important asset that any manager in today’s world can possess. I say so because organizations do run on relationship management and relationships weren’t given its due importance before. Also, he is an avid footballer who has successfully brought laurels to IIM Shillong by winning Gold at IIM Indore and FMS Delhi.

Maulik: Entrepreneurs these days are increasingly recognizing the importance of doing an MBA. This person is a successful entrepreneur who has headed sales and business development for his SaaS start-up focusing on solving problems in the healthcare industry. Being a bootstrapped start-up, the revenues generated from new clients that Maulik brought in helped the company sustain in the competitive start-up environment.

These four people have been good friends over the past one year and have been instrumental in peer learning, especially when it comes to their area of expertise.

Why ABG? (Hindalco Industries Limited)

Being in the manufacturing sector, the company has a lot of labor resources to use and deal with. After doing an internship on the topic of HR Compliance, I have come to realize the importance of labor laws and how the organization interacts with those legislations. The role of HR Industrial Relations Manager in the company is what I aspire and would be the best launchpad for my newly found interest in the domain of Industrial Relations. My deep analytical skills coupled with the knack of getting things done would make me an ideal candidate for the profile of IR Manager.


Nishant Meshram

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong