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As I earlier felt, People in IIM’s would be those 2%ile of the population who are the all-rounder-intellectual-achievers, let’s say the superhero’s who know it all, who are clear about their life purpose , have there long term and short term plans in place and what not, But lets be clear on this , these people are the same lot from within us, the public at large.

We here at IIM Shillong practice sustainability to be the way ahead , once into our first month in the course, we get to explore the heritage of Shillong through a sustainability trek where I got insights not only on sustainability but also on some of my batchmates. So who actually are the new ones here in IIM Shillong , let me introduce you to some of these crazy ones:

We have with us Bhawesh Bhandari, who graduated in metallurgical engineering from IIT BHU Varanasi , although with a technical background, he has a knack for analyzing Financial Statements from the grass root level, and you should believe this when it comes from a Chartered Accountant, that yes this guy has a thing for Finance.

Next I have Srinidhi Sridharan for you, graduated in Bachelors of Accounting and Finance from Mithibai Mumbai, with no work experience but with all the wisdom to sail it through the journey, which makes me admire her confidence and zeal for the new.

Then comes our ever ready presenter , Nikhil K Jain who graduated in Bachelors of Business Administration from CMS, Bangalore, he is a leader with ethics and an awesome team player, so apparently he led our group in the trek which trailed through a long detour that added to all the fun and learning.

But all things in trek were mundane till our Aditya Malhotra, a ECE graduate from Delhi Technical University and a nice healthy lad ,accidently got his foot stuck in wet mud , remember our Aditya is healthy, so the foot went a bit too deep and till Aditya figured out that though he could take his foot out of the pit he just created, his shoe refused to come out, so we all laughed our whole bit first till Aditya managed to get his hands dirty and his shoe out.

Finally, whatever paradigms we come with are ought to be reframed here, as we see through different lenses, we cannot be stereotyped in our pasts, as our interests lead the ways to new avenues. As an engineer has an knack for finance , the finance people seek general management and entrepreneurial challenges, CA searches for interests in marketing and while Aditya got his shoe out, we all completed our Sustainable Trek.

Aditya Birla Group

I would like to be a part of Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank Limited to know about this new fintech ecosystem which is incorporated and applied across cities, it excites me as a great learning experience about how the payments bank will take us towards digital India and transform the way payments are made. Gaining exposure about the emerging Fintech will be the right push for my professional development and a stepping stone for future growth.

Nikita Agrawal

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

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