IIM Shillong – The Journey Begins | Shashank Gontia

I started my journey from Jabalpur to Campus in Clouds on 20th June. It is said that journey is more important than the destination but in this case, I was waiting impatiently to reach my destination. The newest among the oldest and oldest among the newest is IIM Shillong.

Reaching the gates of the IIM Shillong was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. This was the moment for which I had worked hard for and now I had reached. This was not the end of a chapter of my life but the start of a new and exciting journey. As one enter the campus gates, one is greeted by beautiful greenery of the campus and as one proceeds, you get to see why it is called as one of the most beautiful campus of India. Be it the admin block or the garden, it truly deserved to be the palace of the Mayurbhanj Kings of Odisha. Some might say that being a small campus is a disadvantage but this doesn’t seem to hold true for the IIM Shillong campus. This is because of the future managers who reside in the campus.

This is a student-driven campus and i got the chance to witness this as soon as I reached the campus. The senior batch was there to receive every new student who reached the campus and helped us with everything, be it with the registration or finding the rooms in the hostels which were going to be our home for the next two years. All the different committees of the college work as the extension of the administration and work sincerely and efficiently to truly make this a student drive campus. Life in the campus never stops, there is always something going on, be it the classes in the morning and afternoon, sports and other activities in the evening to the awesome knowledge transfer sessions conducted by the seniors and fellow batch mates in the night. Everyone feels that there will be competition between the batch mates and the seniors in a B-School but this is not how things are done in IIM Shillong as this feels like family so after you reach here, you find a new family away from home. So this can be said about IIM Shillong that campus in the clouds is very unique and the life and experiences of this college, you will remember for rest of your life.

Aditya Birla Group

The ABG Company I would like to work for is UltraTech Cement as it truly embodies ‘strength’, ‘reliability’ and ‘innovation’. As India is in the young phase of growing and this is a company helping India grow in infrastructure. It is helping the people of India to build homes, buildings and structures that will one day be the face of this country.  Also, it is not only making its mark in the Indian market but becoming a global brand with a presence in UAE, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Its presence as the global leader truly sets an example for young India.

Shashank Gontia

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong