IIM Shillong – The Journey To Campus In Clouds

It was the morning of 8th January 2018, when I was going home. All the entrance examinations were done, the results had just come in. I don’t know what kept me awake – was it the excitement of going home after a year or the dream that had just become true. Sitting in that cramped space 12000 metres above the land, I could not have even imagined that 5 months later, I will set my foot into one of the most prestigious institutions of India – IIM Shillong.

Then began the 3-month tiring journey of preparation, group discussions, personal interviews and meeting new people. This was probably the first glimpse of what was to come. Around mid-May, results of all the B-Schools started pouring in. While the rejections were hard-hitting, the converts were like the only ray of hope but with converts came the utter confusion. Every institute is a gem with so many unique characteristics of its own. You’re inspired by the huge alumni base of one institute, while the other mesmerizes with its sheer simplicity and the value that it gives to ethics. One has a unique pedagogy while other follow a rigorous academic regime. As an aspiring candidate, it becomes difficult to choose one over the other. I started talking to the students and alumni of different colleges assuming they will give me the correct picture (true to some extent) as they had studied there. After a lot of deliberations, I chose IIM Shillong.

I was very reluctant before coming here, but every second for the last 25 days, this place has proven me wrong. The moment I step foot in this place, the seniors came rushing in to help us settle down in this place. This was the first glimpse of what a student-driven campus is. Coming from an engineering background, I had never seen this kind of hospitality, especially for the seniors. But that’s what makes this place a class apart. Giving importance to things as minute as to switch off a power button or to stop someone from throwing garbage on the roadside is what makes a difference cumulatively. Before coming here, I had just heard that earning does not always come from the classrooms, but here I saw this in person. Every student be it a Chartered Accountant, a food engineer or a naval architect, everyone has a story to tell, something to teach. The importance that every student and instructor give to punctuality, professionalism, ethics is commendable.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd and especially the abof (All about fashion) venture. In 2015, the group ventured into the online market with a niche market and select portfolio apparel. Since its inception, abof faced a lot of issues ranging from immense competition with e-commerce giants like Amazon, poor return over investment, lack of available options on abof, overall overdose of fashion. By the end of the last year, all its operations and transactions were closed. But, just 3 months after the closure, Abof came back with a bang as a private label. Since then, it has been trying to position itself as an omnichannel venture and pushing its private label. I believe the fruit of success is sweeter when you have seen failure. The lesson that you learn during your low time remain with you forever. The way it has positioned itself back in the market is something worth learning about.  If I get a chance to join abof, I will get to learn not only about the strategies and other nitty gritties of an e-commerce giant but also be a part of its journey to apex.


Aarushi Bohra

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong