IIM Shillong – In The Lap Of Nature

There are a number of things I would say that makes my campus, IIM Shillong, unique. One of the most important reasons being its beautiful location. It is located in the place that has the most amazing weather throughout the year. And this keeps us afresh all the time. Our mood totally depends on the environment we are in. And this decides our performance in various activities. The sunrise we see after every late night submissions make us forget all our tired feelings. No doubt, the cold wind, beautiful stars at night and of course, the amazing sunrise, reminds me every time about how lucky I am for getting admission into this college.

Coming to the faculty members, it would be unfair if I just appreciate their qualifications and their unique way of imparting knowledge to us. They are much more than this. They are our friends, with whom we discuss our thoughts and future plans. Had they not been with us during the tough times of summer internship placements, we would not have been able to cope up with the rigorous schedule of the course.

Another important feature is the way we are taught sustainability in our college. Every new batch starts their classes with a course on sustainability. This is followed by a sustainability trek that opens our eyes to the beauty of nature and how we are destroying it. This is always the first trek of the entire batch and marks the beginning of a number of treks that we enjoy after this.

They say MBA is all about peer learning. And our college is the best example of that. We are divided into study groups of five to six members. We are required to submit our assignments in the assigned groups. The groups are changed every trimester. This helps us in interacting with different people. We get acquainted with each and every batch mate of ours in a very short span of time. No doubt we are one family. Not just studies, we are together in every festival. We celebrate with immense joy, to make IIM Shillong a home, away from our own homes.

It is truly said that college life is the best life one can have. From the moment we enter the college till the point we leave it, we keep on building memories. It gives me immense pleasure to be present in this campus and I am proud to be a part of it.

I would like to be a part of Pantaloons Fashion and Retail. This is because of my interest towards branded apparels. It is one of those industries that is facing constant growth throughout. Malls, streets, magazine racks etc are all filled with people making fashion statements – good or bad. No doubt it is interesting, but at the same time, it is a very challenging task. The number of careers in this field is increasing. Pantaloons being one of the well known clothing stores is sure to give me a bright career and a fast growth.

Shilpa Prasad

PGP 2nd year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong