IIM Shillong – A Memorable Experience

My experience in IIM Shillong till now was nothing less than a roller coaster ride. It had ups and downs. There were moments when I would feel butterflies in my stomach, the same way you do when you are at the highest point in the ride. Then there were some days when I would feel upside down. There were some points where I felt as if I am at the top of the world. If I were to note down all those experiences, it might turn out to be a small novel, but due to word limit constraints, I would share just one of those memorable experiences.

The first week of the first term started with a one-week long foundation course on sustainability. The motive of this course is to introduce the new batch to the idea of sustainability. Professors from various business domains taught us how sustainability is engraved in every concept of business. The week ended with the “Sustainability Trek”; which is by far, one of the most memorable moments I have experienced here at IIM Shillong.

The trek started at a place called Ladmawphlang along the river Umiew. The ascent was normal. It was just like any other hill. It is said that the journey is more beautiful than the destination. Well, I would like to differ. When we reached our goal, that is, at the peak, it was like nothing you have ever seen. Grasslands full of mist and rain surrounded us from all sides. In the words of Khushwant Singh, it was an oasis of serenity, breathing peace and contentment.

Moreover, the best part was the river following us all along the way, sometimes loud, crashing in the rocks and occasionally calm and composed going its own way. There were infinite learnings in this. Sometimes, life will be full of noises, and sometimes quiet. The most important thing is to keep moving.

Moreover, let me not forget the essential part of this journey. It was PGP’17. A group of 180 people who had come to IIM Shillong to become future leaders. The trek was memorable because we had someone to either pull us from the top or push us from the bottom. It didn’t matter who made it to the top first, or last, the thing that mattered was that we, as a team made it.

Which ABG company I would like to work for and why?

I graduated from BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I have worked in the operations/production department of Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. I worked with JSW Steel during the Summer Internship (May-Jun’2018). As my major subjects in the 2nd year, I am focusing on B2B Marketing. My experience in the Chemical and Steel Industry has given me much exposure to the manufacturing sector. I have seen this sector both as an engineer and as a to-be manager. Based on the profile I have developed until now, the company which best suited for me would be- Aditya Birla Chemicals Ltd.

Being one of the leading manufacturers of bulk and speciality chemicals, it will give a massive boost to my career (preferably in B2B Marketing/Operations). As Isaac Newton said- If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Since this company has worldwide operations, I would get to know how Marketing and Operations would work on a global level. I would also get to learn from one of the most experienced and smartest minds in the industry.


Vibhav Dwivedi

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong